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  1. Ah, now this is a really interesting behavior: - when I add one or more spaces after the word nothing happens (no final version). - when I add a space and a character after the word, I get the final for the first word but no inital for the character after the space. - when I add more letters I get the final for the first word, initial for the second but no final for the second. Strange! Will look into the liga feature code and try to find a logic for that.
  2. I see. But do you have the LiebeLotte font installed or can you simulate the problem without it? Thanks, Ulrike
  3. Thank you Mike for the hint! :-) How do you know about Windows? Ulrike
  4. My LiebeLotte font has special versions for each letter when standing at the end of a word. Unfortunately Affinity Designer (1.7.1.) and Affinity Publisher (1.7.1.) do not show them (macOS 10.14.5). The OpenType feature code in the font that automatically insert the finals, is situated in the ligature feature and looks like this: lookup FINAL { ignore sub @AnyLetter' @AnyLetter; sub @AnyLetter' by @_fina; } FINAL; Other substitutions in the liga feature are implemented correctly. The font works totally fine in Adobe products, Pages, Microsoft Word (when ligatures activated),
  5. Dear Dave, do you have any updates regarding the names for stylistic sets? Thanks, Ulrike
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