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  1. yep tested and you are correct. With all these bugs in 1.8 i am considering not to use Affinity for upcoming new projects. I guess all will be solved but.....there must be a lessons learned with new software releases...... I am an Affinity fan!
  2. I guess not a bug but good to know.....(or it was mentioned but i overlooked it) Created a new Publisher file Linked several JPG / Ai / PSD files (all but Ai files show image thumb in Resource manager) Embed all files. Save "un"-embed -> Make linked is not possible for Ai and PSD files. When transferred to AF and AD files works. (off course) IDML Embedded files with Ai and PSD cannot be unlinked Embedded files with Ai and PSD files Open IDML Layers select/open embedded file copy open AF or AP (i am not able to save photo or des persona ) Paste Save Transferring my history to Affinity means more work.
  3. I started to transfer my 30+ files over to Publisher but the linked files are not working. My files in InDesign are all ok no link errors Action "save file to InDesign CS4 or Later (IDML)" Open IDML in Publisher Result Missing resources Document has no images but only smal and big --> ? <-- Select: Yes/No/Resource manager If Yes = select directory and i must select an image Result all image placeholders have the same image If i select Resource manger i see e.g 16 items together, i can click open. All ->?<- Linked But when i select an item i do not see a name of the file I am not able to correct it as shown in the instruction video. Update = 16x error box "The file type is not supported" replace = well - no name so.... embed = ok but no image and ->?<- collect = ? and missing status So what i tried: In InDesign embedded all linked files and save it create a IDML file and open it in Publisher The file opens in Publisher without errors Saved file as Publisher file. But now i want to change them in Resource Manager from embedded to Linked Status is OK but "Make linked" = grayed out. Linked files are jpg / ai / png Is it me or......................... also tried embedded InDesign file copy to other dir and re-link again to sub dir create IDML and open in Publisher same..... problem.
  4. Finally. I watched the videos and created some apubs. 3 thing: -Bleed -> needs to be an option in file creation. -Resources manager -> Please make it a Studio pane. -Place image -> Needs to be option on Right click on an Picture frame. Hope the finall product will be available soon....... Thanks!
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