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  1. Hi everyone finished my interpretation of what the iPhone should look like along redesigns of some of the stock apps Feedback much appropriated
  2. Kev-Affinity

    How to join curves

    @JimmyJack you have no idea how long spent trying this and various versions of this until I gave up. But I was breaking the intersection directly below where you did in your video
  3. Kev-Affinity

    How to join curves

    Thanks @JimmyJack and @reglico
  4. Kev-Affinity

    How to join curves

    Sorry if my question has caused problems. I just wanted to know why tracing the symbol with the pen tool caused parts to have “holes” in it and what I could do to make it a solid object. I understand now if I change the fill mode in the layer menu it should fill in the holes. But will this work solution if I want to apply a gradient fill? Or would it be better to draw the outline of the symbol and then cut out the inner sections with the subtract operation?
  5. Hello referring to the attached picture how do I make the musical note a solid shape? used the pen tool to trace the shape but can't seem to get the lines to join each other
  6. Thank you for your feedback much appreciated! Not sure why they didn’t use round rectangle. But when I tried to use one when I was trying to figure out what was wrong initially. Copying/pasting the shape and changing the size of the highlight and shadows didn’t work because the shape became distorted. But I guess this can be fixed with baked corners?
  7. Hello Not sure if this post belongs in the section, but for some reason I'm having issues scaling objects in designer, even when ticking scale with object. I noticed this when creating a square background for a phone icon which I was creating based on a youtube tutorial and went to scale the finished icon to put in my mock up. But the Square keeps turn into a circle not matter what I do e.g. Shift or Shift + Command. Scale with object IS enabled but still doesn't work. Not sure if I'm doing something wrong or this is a bug Tutorial mentioned