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  1. My document files that are saved using Affinity Designer will not open when I click on them from the desktop of my mac, or in a folder. I am able to open the program itself, but when clicking on a saved document when the program is open, this message appears saying that a retail version of the program is required in order to use the file....I already have a retail version purchased. Would I need to download a beta version of Affinity Designer too? Please help me with this issue. I don't understand why this is happening.
  2. Hello. I am suddenly having issues with exporting any files that I have in affinity designer. No file formats will export to the desktop, my flash drive, or any folders.
  3. chinamarie06

    PNG and GIF export hang

    Hello! Im having a problem exporting to all file formats on Affinity Designer. The export bar will not load at all, so I cannot export my files. Please help me it is urgent. I have already reset the application and it still does not work. I have check disk utility and it still does not work. I have also tried to export to different folder and just on the desk top and it does not work.