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  1. As I started to use the symbol panel on all branding projects, the amount of the elements gets longer and longer. We use a very transparent and specific / detailed naming system which fails already after 10 characters as you can not read the name in the symbol panel. It would be so helpful to have the symbol panel with the same simple feature to see the panel as a list. See attachments. -- Thank you!
  2. @MattP Thank you for that first "gift" of 2021 and happy new year. Downloading …
  3. @Patrick ConnorThx. Nevertheless: GREAT WORK! From one +0.1 to another over the last 3 years Affinity is getting more and more superior. Love the development and I like thos small but carefull steps! All are well rolled out.
  4. Hi @Patrick Connor Those are not showing at my account: Studio Retouch Brush Pack DAUB BlackBox Brush Pack
  5. I have hopes it is all saved in the big box with the "2.0" on it. – One can hope
  6. Maybe a simple but very helpful feature: I am working a lot with symbols. There I place not only elements and artboards with guidelines as templates, I also use it to keep a good naming-system stay consistent through the documents and export (as a predefined name for the export persona). As I work with longer names I have 2 main probles: the symbol preview shortens the names so much, I can not read them anymore. while hovering over the symbols the name does not appear as a quickinfo. so what is left is guessing the standard symbol view is very limited as it only helpful, when you use only few of them. when I have f.e. 30, I can not tell which one is which My suggestions would be to have a list view for the symbols, where I can see and change the names (like layers with bigger preview) and include a filter or at least sort possibility. Like that we could see the symbols in a specific order. — Furthermore as a deluxe version it would be great to see also at a glace if the symbols are text, artboard, vector, image etc … But this would be only the cherry on the top. Looking forward to your thoughts.
  7. same same here: Designer boght at the App Store = opens Publisher boght at the Serif Store = opens Photo boght at the App Store = needs a key (wasn't like that before at the other betas)
  8. Patience. Adobe has eaten Macromedia, reused and repurposed functionalites and it took decades to get that bulky. Affinity (even as Serif is on the market for longer) is taking a more mindfull and slower apporach to not get overblown with never used things (like Illustrator now). For me the tools of Affinity are more focused on the core in design processes, no ornaments (as I would call the illustrator vector effects clutter): - Photo develops and composes pixelbased elements / photos - Designer creates literally only vectors path by path, like a construction - Publisher brings everything togather In the future I am certain the focus will get wider, but each decision should be made with a clear mind and not like Adobe in panic to match the "needs" of the market (where I am doubtfull, they really understand, what the market needs). Try VectorStyler as a support for Designer. I recommend. It feels like a propper Freehand meets Illustrator meets Fireworks and … a little Corel Draw from late 90s (good times 😄) and let me know what you think.
  9. A belayed THANK YOU 👍🏻 to the Affinity Team for implementing that small but big feature. So good to work with that shortcut and and menuitem in Photo / Designer while working between f.e. Sketch / Vectornator and Affinity – seeing the Suite as the main hub, this tiny feature is a time saver. 💪🏻
  10. As much as I love Affinity and – using the suite for 3 years now – I am happy to see a "Swiss Army Knife"-like vector app arising: http://vectorstyler.com with a small but very responsive forum. Maybe the Affinity-team consider a collab somehow with them so VectorStyler can be seen as a to go tool for vector transformation and Designer stays the hub to combine those elements as a bridge to Publisher / Photo. I am not certain obviously but I would bet that we will have a major vector-tool update in Designer revision number 2. It is not that far from 1.8 anymore (= 1 pandemic year maybe 😀 to go).
  11. I agree to all what you are saying. BUT: it is the way the people here start to discuss things, not asking or specifing, not interested on the idea itself. it is a tone of those "knows-it-alls" who lack of rhetorical and emapthic qualities / skills. if you have nothing to say, say nothing – i live by that. if you want a disussion, be intersted in the other side and don't close the communication with your passive aggressive tone from the beginning. I am working since the 90s with those tools. it is not that i am stuck in those workflows but I observe things, that might others help, too. judging by those comments I assume, the folks here established already for the whole community: there is only ONE way. and this one is theirs. how arrogant!
  12. Just to specify one workflow when beeing a shortcut poweruser and coming to their limitations: it happens quite often, I need to take screenshots or other things in the clipboard relevant to the function of "new from cb" and then adjusting it to my format / color / grid / margin rules. so to avoid those "extra clicks" it is a time saver to prepare the meal in the kitchen and not at the dinner table afterwards. some functions are f.e. chage the color mode, adjust the dpi, transform the margins, change the adjustments, … to do this afterwards going to mostly at least 2 different menus (it depends if i am in AP or AD/AF) is quite annoying. I am working in all 3 apps and between the analogue and digital media. so there are quite complex outcomes and to have the control at the beginning of the document and not after it is created is quite handy / sometimes crucial (as one forgets quickly to make those edits). – the preflight in AP helped to avoid that, i have to admit. I hope I could give you one idea of how others here maybe work.
  13. Hey you pros @Joachim_L @walt.farrell @Pšenda Thank you (not) for the debate. Everybodys workflow/s are different. Why should your opinion be the standard one? I also don't see no need to speculate if it is something for "adobe" users. What is the purpose of this sentense anyway?? It is crazy, that this forum becomes a new facebook, where everybody feels to comment and state their opnion – especially in a sub thread called "Feature Requests & Suggestions". This is MY suggestion. – There are other threads here for debating.
  14. @Pšenda @Joachim_L As specified It is about the new NEW-Menu:
  15. Hi Affinity As I work now 100 % in Photo, I miss one small but BIG feature Adobe had: in the NEW dialogue you can choose, New from Clipboard. This is so extremely helpful and saves time a lot. I am aware of similar posts here, the difference here is, this feature should be within the new format-panel. Not in the flyout menu at „File > Xyz“ Maybe something for 2.0 Best!
  16. @Patrick Connor x Affinity: THANK you so much for that very important update. PREFLIGHT is a lifechanger here. Looking forward to the next +0.1 updates. Impressive development.
  17. I also would recommend to NOT use any F-keys for important and very often used tasks while in the layout process. more and more of us are working on laptops and the F keys need to be access by hitting the fn and the Fx keys – in case of the preview mode you need two hands at a mac. I guess at a pc it should be the same.
  18. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU ;). not only it makes all three apps "stand out" more from the adobe products with its naming "studio", it also makes the idea of "persona" more unique. and of course (the most IMPORTANT one) it makes it so so much easier to work with the studio panels. also it would be very very handy, if we could align the panels in two or three rows so we can use our bigger screens more efficient.
  19. this is not ment as a comment but a BIG THANK YOU to affinity team for that christmas gift in the late summer. I am working with adobe for 20 years this year, I have quited they subscription in march out of the sudden as they shut down adobe muse, switched do you guys (and to quark xpress – which I unfortunatelly do not like that much) and was waiting for publisher to drop. this tool is amazing. even in beta state. good job, much appreciated. THANK YOU.
  20. I love the integration of the masterpages into the layer panel. I found that, was irritated at first but then found it just great. well done, nice idea. nevertheless: this feature should work beside the rollover possibility to see which masterpage is applied. it is very helpfull to see that at once in the panel.
  21. obviously … you have. please let me have the last word
  22. dearest @SrPx thank you for teaching me some "digital etiquette" by using the same language you are falsly accusing me of. – in no point my first comment was rude. but rhetorical figures needs to be understand by the audience. so maybe I was not precise enough with my written word – and you unfortunately didn't get the joke. I am not the admin, you are totally right. but I can ask you kindly not to respond to my comments if they are not have been addressed directly to you. please do not waste our time now in an ongoing endless but pointless dialog here. who has time for that. – have a happy easter weekend.
  23. so what is your comment's point exactly? a beta in the summer (I knew that) and you guess there are some issues (well, that is the process of developing apps indeed)? thank you @SrPx for that insight. I guess (?) may I ask, you are involved in serif / work for them? if not, please dedicate your time to other members. white noise is so last season
  24. as a new user of the affinity tools – after my adobe cancelation in april we are switching completely* to affinity – I am really happy with the results the products (affinity designer in particular) are delivering. I can not be more excited to get an indesign replacement – it feels like almost 20 years ago with quark xpress and indesign. i mentioned *completely, well, i can not kill indesign from my comp for now. so dear affinity team: PLEASE speed up , we are waiting in despair. or at least give us somehow like a roadmap-idea to calm us down. keep up your great work, I am realy suprised and so glad, to see what your independent software can do. thank you for that emancipation from adobe.
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