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  1. If you use it professionally, just buy it and support the company. The more of us buy the software, the more we ensure it is here for a longer time with us. I bought the software 2017 and canceled Adobe for good. Even if a paid update would come during this period, as a former Adobe customer, I saved 68 months of Adobe subscription payment. That makes almost EUR 5.000 of savings. Also: try the software before buying. Maybe it is (or not) something for you.
  2. Agree. Also: if you dont like the software, how do you find the time to complain about it IN A FORUM?? – If I don#t like McD I don't spend my whole time in a special group dedicated to make McD better and complain, why I like Burger King more. – Such a childish, fake, no constructive approach.
  3. Thank you @R C-R @walt.farrell @Old Bruce for your answers. I will reset my apps this weekend and experiment with the settings to see if the saved prefernces apply within publisher and across the ALink.
  4. Thank you. That is a good point. I wasn't thinking about that. Yes, I bought ADes and Aph in the AppStore, Apub at the SerifStore. //Library/Containers/com.seriflabs.affinity(photo or designer)/Data/Library/Application Support/presets Don't you agree as well, there should be a simple way to export and import these files from within the preferences panel in the apps? Would be super helpfull.
  5. Hi to the community I am looking for the place on the Mac where the presets of my studios (Publisher, Designer, Photo) are stored. Also I wonder if the StudioLink at Publisher in Designer / Photo mode can use the saved studio presets for the separate apps, too? Is it possible to import / export the studio presets as you can do this with the shortcuts? I am a little confused when it comes to the shortcuts-export/import and StudioLink: I have created a set of shortcuts in Designer, Photo and Publisher. Are the StudioLink-Shortcuts of Designer and Photo stored within the Publisher-export-file? Can one save the context-bar as a file? As it seams the custom layout is not saved within the studio preset. It would be great if Serif would make all these presets somehow exportable so one can reuse it on all the computers one have / at the agency. It is to tricky to go the "Application Support" subfolder and grab these files (strangely there is no Folder for Designer there). Thank you for any suggestion.
  6. Hi All / Admins As I have found this request somewhere else in the forum as I was looking for a solution, here is my request: It would be great to A) have the possibility to set a custom shortcut to copy the chosen color in the clipboard as HEX and/or copy a color with the control+click option menu. Let me know what your thoughts are and if there is maybe already a hidden workaround we could use. Thank you.
  7. Hi to Affinity Admins Any chance to set the shortcut? No reply so far here ;( Thx in advance.
  8. As I started to use the symbol panel on all branding projects, the amount of the elements gets longer and longer. We use a very transparent and specific / detailed naming system which fails already after 10 characters as you can not read the name in the symbol panel. It would be so helpful to have the symbol panel with the same simple feature to see the panel as a list. See attachments. -- Thank you!
  9. @Patrick ConnorThx. Nevertheless: GREAT WORK! From one +0.1 to another over the last 3 years Affinity is getting more and more superior. Love the development and I like thos small but carefull steps! All are well rolled out.
  10. Hi @Patrick Connor Those are not showing at my account: Studio Retouch Brush Pack DAUB BlackBox Brush Pack
  11. I have hopes it is all saved in the big box with the "2.0" on it. – One can hope
  12. Maybe a simple but very helpful feature: I am working a lot with symbols. There I place not only elements and artboards with guidelines as templates, I also use it to keep a good naming-system stay consistent through the documents and export (as a predefined name for the export persona). As I work with longer names I have 2 main probles: the symbol preview shortens the names so much, I can not read them anymore. while hovering over the symbols the name does not appear as a quickinfo. so what is left is guessing the standard symbol view is very limited as it only helpful, when you use only few of them. when I have f.e. 30, I can not tell which one is which My suggestions would be to have a list view for the symbols, where I can see and change the names (like layers with bigger preview) and include a filter or at least sort possibility. Like that we could see the symbols in a specific order. — Furthermore as a deluxe version it would be great to see also at a glace if the symbols are text, artboard, vector, image etc … But this would be only the cherry on the top. Looking forward to your thoughts.
  13. Patience. Adobe has eaten Macromedia, reused and repurposed functionalites and it took decades to get that bulky. Affinity (even as Serif is on the market for longer) is taking a more mindfull and slower apporach to not get overblown with never used things (like Illustrator now). For me the tools of Affinity are more focused on the core in design processes, no ornaments (as I would call the illustrator vector effects clutter): - Photo develops and composes pixelbased elements / photos - Designer creates literally only vectors path by path, like a construction - Publisher brings everything togather In the future I am certain the focus will get wider, but each decision should be made with a clear mind and not like Adobe in panic to match the "needs" of the market (where I am doubtfull, they really understand, what the market needs). Try VectorStyler as a support for Designer. I recommend. It feels like a propper Freehand meets Illustrator meets Fireworks and … a little Corel Draw from late 90s (good times 😄) and let me know what you think.
  14. A belayed THANK YOU 👍🏻 to the Affinity Team for implementing that small but big feature. So good to work with that shortcut and and menuitem in Photo / Designer while working between f.e. Sketch / Vectornator and Affinity – seeing the Suite as the main hub, this tiny feature is a time saver. 💪🏻
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