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  1. I am pretty new to AP and still learning my way around. I need some advice on how to handle an alignment problem. i’ve shot a moonrise over the skyline of a big city. The moon was almost full and very low in the sky, just over the top of the skyscrapers. It was 40 minutes after sunset, so it was already quite dark. So, I took about 8 shots at various shutter speeds so that I would have several bracketed around the correct exposure for the moon and several more bracketed around the correct exposure for the skyline. With so many shots, and with the extra delay for mirror lockup for each shot, it took over a minute to snap all the photos. As a result, the moon moved quite a bit over the set of shots. if I don’t auto align, then the buildings stack perfectly and make a very nice hdr composite, but the moon is a disaster. If I manage to get them to align the moon, then the buildings would become blurry. in a perfect world, i guess I would separate the sky from the city, merge the stack of sky pieces, merge the stack of ciy pieces, then put the 2 merged pieces back together somehow. any suggestions?
  2. I’m about to purchase Affinity Photo, so I’ve been going through many of the tutorials. I’ve worked with just enough photo editing tools and other software that I feel really confident once I’m in that first raw file and ready to get to work on it. BUT, there’s a huge gap before that point that I’m really uncomfortable with and looking for advice. All the relevant tutorials start with some variation of ‘first, we open this file...’. I need some help getting to that point, with what I think I have learned is ‘library management ‘. Questions... 1) For years I’ve been working with Mac Photos, and iPhoto before it. Last week I shot a bunch of photos in raw and imported them into Photos and Apple magically tucked them away somewhere on my computer (I don’t use the cloud). Today, I want to open one of those raw files in Affinity and work on it. Where would I find it on my computer? 2) Today, I go out and shoot a bunch of photos in raw on my dslr. I want to develop and edit them in Affinity photo now. Also, I’d LIKE to get away from using Mac Photos application. What software do you use or recommend to get them off the camera, onto the Mac, and somehow organized before opening them in Affinity for the first time. thanks in advance

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