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  1. Hello, I really love the DAUB - Aquarell brushes which were distributed by Sarif. Some of them have "wet edges" on by default, which is quite useful. However everytime when I use the colour picker and switch back to the brush via shortcut or tool-icon the "wet edges"-box becomes unticked and I have to activate it again. Seems that the colour picker resets this special brush setting all the time. Other settings are not affected so far. Regards, Mina
  2. Mina

    Locked-in Zoom in AP

    Nevertheless as AP behaves differently regarding a "Wacom Click" and a "Mouse Click" I just get used to dragging the mouse (or pen) between left and right for zooming in and out. This works perfectly and does not cause any strange behaviours. So everything is fine for me.
  3. Zwar schon ne Weile her, aber danke Ralle8m: Hat mir definitiv geholfen.
  4. Mina

    Locked-in Zoom in AP

    Hello Chris, my tablet was plugged in before I started AP. But I just tried it with plugging it in while AP is already running. And I could reproduce the error. So it does not matter when it was plugged in. A third weird behaviour occured which I forgot to mention earlier. It seems that AP does not want zooming out with ALT+Pen-Click on the wacom. Because when I try to switch to a brush using "B" e.g. the dropdown menu from the top menu for Editing (in German "Bearbeiten" starts with a B too) opens or for the Pan Tool (H) the dropdown menu for Help opens. Then I try to click on the toolbar for the brush or pan tool with my pen but then AP thinks I want to Zoom in and instead of getting a brush tool I zoom in again. So for that I need to switch back to my mouse only for choosing the right tool. My wacom driver is the current version and I am using the model Intuos Pro PTH-651/K. (Not sure if this information is useful.)
  5. Hello, not sure if this is really a bug or a feature but I try to find more about the zoom behaviour in AP. I am using AP most of the time with my Wacom Intuos Pro and control AP with the use of shortcuts on the keyboard. So right hand holds the pen while the left hand chooses the tools via keyboard. So with "Z" I start the Zoom Function for zooming in and with "Alt" for zooming out. Nothing special until now. But when I try to switch to another tool like panning (H) or smudging (K) it seems that the Zoom function is still locked in and does not want to let me out. Instead of this I am typing a lot of Hs and Ks within the zoom's percentage field. Needless to say that this field was not active before, because I was clicking all the time on the canvas. Another weird behavious is when I try to use the canvas' scrollbars or choose another layer in the layer panel but AP interprets this as a control action for the zoom function and instead of scrolling or layer switching I zoom in and out like crazy. The only method I discovered to stop this weird behaviour is by switching between the applications and returning to AP using ALT+Tab or to pick my mouse and click directly on the tool's panel. To sum this up: those weird behaviour does not always happen but quite often. It is not a big problem but it interrupts my workflow (picking up the mouse, switch windows etc.). So I wonder if this sticky zoom-function is a bug (or a feature) or can I easily switch this stickyness off by a secret checkbox within the programms settings? Any adivce is appreciated.
  6. Mina

    Affinity Photo very slow

    Unfortunately I have to report that Photoshop CS6 on my six year old MacBook Pro had no problems with the big file, which consists out of 35 layers. When trying to work on this file with my highend desktop PC ( I7-7700 3,6 GHz processor, 16 GB RAM and a GeForce GTX1070) and Affinity Photo, the software consumes most of my RAM and is still slowly that it is impossible to work with. I have heard rumours that the core of AP was programmed using Java, which can be quite memory consuming. The questions I ask myself now are, if I will run with Affinity Designer into similar problems (not tried or bought yet) and are there any chances that this problem will be fixed in the near future. I would love to see the Affinity products developing into a good alternative to Adobe, so I am really sad, that I have this problem now. Is there a chance (mail or chat) to contact Affinity's support? I just found this forum.
  7. Mina

    Affinity Photo very slow

    Hello, I think I have a similar problem: I am using Affinity Photo on a Windows 10 64 bit machine with an Intel I7-7700 3,6 GHz processor, 16 GB RAM and a GeForce GTX1070. When I try to create a file for character animation with 35 layers, AP's performance is going down to unworkable. I know, 35 layers are a lot, but they are not completely filled: sometimes only a small circle for eyeballs and so on. The layers are mostly transparent. When working with this file (file size is only round about 3 MB), AP takes control over 12 GB of my available RAM. That's maybe the reason why it is getting so slowly. But I doubt that this should be the case of normal behaviour. Nevertheless I will switch back to my Macbook from 2012 with Photoshop CS6 on it for this file and I have the slight expectation that this will work better. Sadly because I want AP as a good alternative to Adobes Photoshop. I just started with Affinity Photo so are there any good chances that Sarif will sort this problem out in the future? Cheers, Mina