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  1. Unless I've misunderstood what you mean by "vector brush", I don't think that would help at all. What we're talking about here is a nice simple curved line with an arrowhead (or other terminating shape) at one or both ends of it, not (say) repeating arrowheads along the length of a line. What we have at the moment is a house with a small but important part of the foundations missing.
  2. Thanks for the idea but no, they're nearly all subtly different. I find it helps people use the maps successfully* if each arrow gives a clear idea of the shape and angle of the turn they have to make; also the arrows often have to be adjusted to avoid covering over important information on the map. * where "successfully" is defined as "not getting lost"
  3. Hi, MEB. Thanks for the reply. Having tried AD I have to say it looked an awful lot like a replacement for DrawPlus. Most of it I recognised instantly, which is not a bad thing, but highlights the fact that what's important to us users is not how clever the technological tricks are behind the scenes, but what it's like for us to use. As others have already remarked, arrowheads are basic drawing-software-101 stuff from a user's point of view. There's not much wrong with DrawPlus (well, apart from its tendency to crash now and again and its limited support for some filetypes) but I'm conscious that it's no longer supported. As a long-time Serif customer I'm happy to hand over some more money for new software occasionally if I think that the products I'm getting are moving forward, not backward. Same goes for PagePlus which I also use heavily: I was eagerly awaiting a chance to buy the Affinity "equivalent" (can I use that word?) but now I'm not so sure. I haven't seen any workarounds that let me do bendy arrows easily and quickly, dozens of times, over and over again (see attached snapshot) but I welcome correction. (Before you say it: no, straight arrow shapes aren't good enough.)
  4. No arrowheads? What? You cannot be serious. I've just paid out on Affinity Designer because I thought it was time to "upgrade" from DrawPlus. After installing AD it took me 10 minutes to discover that there were no arrowheads, come to this forum and... well, be gobsmacked. They are vital to my primary use of DrawPlus. Without them Affinity Designer is a waste of money for me. I'm off now to cancel my order and ask for a refund. Arrowheads really are that important. And judging from the string of comments above I'm not alone. Let me know when they finally get added and maybe I'll come back and buy it again. Really, really disappointed.
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