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  1. bgteach

    Problem of typing in Chinese

    It's been almost a year now. When can it be repaired?
  2. Chinese input error : When the Chinese is input, the subtitle will cause the garbled, and the Chinese can not input normally.
  3. I have a Chinese teaching website, and also a positive person to promote the Affinity, but there is a problem, Affinity official website has a Chinese software introduction, but there is no Chinese Forum. Do you have a plan for the construction of a Chinese forum? If not, can it be considered to link the Chinese Forum directly to our website, the corresponding Chinese information, courses, forums, bug tracking and submission, the user feedback us to do it, is that ok? Website: http://www.bgteach.com group:http://www.bgteach.com/group/search_group?_csrf_token=jK0TXQmrb638ew1-NhK80k6Zm-Sl13i0oXZ7OPZp5C0&keyWord=Affinity article:http://www.bgteach.com/cloud/search?q=affinity&type=article E-mail:litao@bgteach.com
  4. In China, vertical typesetting is very common。but now,Affinity text tool not support this function。I often use it in my work,support this ,Please!
  5. Hi Affinity; I'm from China,It's a paid genuine user. After upgrading the latest affinity, there is a text access BUG. when I input Chinese text ,cursor position will be misplaced! Affinity Dseigner 1.61,Affinity Photo 1.6.7 Watch this video please:The_Bug_About_Chinese_Text_input_for_Affinity_Designer_1.6.1_.mp4