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  1. 请问CJK亚洲排版已经等了很久了,什么时候能正式支持CJK亚洲文章排版规则。亚洲文字避头尾功能是非常重要的,没有这个功能基本上无法在实际项目中使用,也无法推荐给朋友使用。而且,官方论坛关于这个问题已经有很多的反馈了,为什么官方就没有任何回应呢?请告诉我们这些已经购买了正版的用户,什么时候才能让我们在实际的项目中正常的使用呢? 什么时候可以支持CJK?
  2. 建议大家购买了正版的用户,到商店中进行评价,这样才能引起他们足够的重视!
  3. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/76745-support-typesetting-for-cjk-text/
  4. 请问 CJK 亚洲排版已经等了很久了,什么时候能正式支持 CJK 亚洲文章排版规则。亚洲文字避头尾功能是非常重要的,没有这个功能基本上无法在实际项目中使用,也无法推荐给朋友使用。而且,官方的论坛关于这个问题已经有很多的反馈了,为什么官方就没有任何的回应呢?请告诉我们这些已经购买了正版的用户,什么时候才能让我们在实际的项目中正常的使用呢? When can CJK be supported?
  5. The line breaking rules in East Asian languages specify how to wrap East Asian Language text such as Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. Certain characters in those languages should not come at the end of a line, certain characters should not come at the start of a line, and some characters should never be split up across two lines. For example, periods and closing parenthesesare not allowed to start a line. Many word processing and desktop publishing software products have built-in features to control line breaking rules in those languages. Line breaking rules in Chinese text Line breaking rules for Chinese language have been described in the reference of Office Open XML, Ecma standard.There are rules about certain characters that are not allowed to start or end a line, such as below. Simplified Chinese Characters that are not allowed at the start of a line :!%),.:;?]}¢°·'""†‡›℃∶、。〃〆〕〗〞﹚﹜!"%'),.:;?!]}~ Characters that are not allowed at the end of a line :$(£¥·'"〈《「『【〔〖〝﹙﹛$(.[{£¥ wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Line_breaking_rules_in_East_Asian_languages Line breaking rules in East Asian (CJK) text.afpub
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