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    Crash while working with Lightroom

    Sorry for being late :-D Well, that exactly is my (only) workflow. I save my images to my NAS, import them into Lightroom. For some special actions I use Affinity Photo (mostly the repair tool), save the image an proceed developing the photograph in LR. When LR is opened an I want to edit the image in AP, LR says "image could be blabla", but it is working well. If I leave AP open and try to edit the next image loaded in LR by loading it into AP, the system crashes. Well... I hope for a Serif solution to kick LR :-D
  2. Hi, yesterday I recognized two complete system crashes while using AP as the photo editor for Lightroom. first I was unable to load the image copy in AP (esp. while AP still was opened in the background) - I had to close AP every time before i wanted to edit an image via LR.