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  1. StijnDeJ

    Pen tool crash

    I am using a mouse and i have attached all my settings from affinity photo. PC: Laptop (GS63VR 7RG stealth pro) 2e monitor: ultra wide 3440X1440 CPU: i7-7700HQ GPU: GTX 1070 max-q RAM: 16GB Operating system: Windows 10 home You need to know more?
  2. StijnDeJ

    Pen tool crash

    When is the pen tool gonna be fixed because every time i want to cut somthing out it crashes? I cant do the things i want anymore with affinity. Pls fix this fast. Thanks!
  3. StijnDeJ

    Crash When Using Pen Tool

    Is it fixed now, because i cant use affinity anymore. I need the pen tool.