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  1. Hey @SrPx i really enjoy reading this. Well ... Deco 03 is really good choice yes but please tell me what you think about HUION WH1409 V2 ? I mean, i'm not using 2 or 3 software for doing my day to day projects; i'm Serif only (the Affinity range of products) i've shifted the other so that i can have enough space to learn and master what need to be mastered and bring much colors to this somehow BW world (at least my country ) So, i would appreciate if your advice is 75% based on experience with Serif Affinity products, it believe that if it fits with Affinity then it will fit the others too because they are more taken in consideration by manufacturer than what we (in this forum and community) have chosen to use nodally basis.
  2. Happy that you got good help @MrSkills, you also have helped peoples like me to check again and find more. Have a look at XP-Pen tablets and see if it's okay with you. Deco 3 seems to be a good option. Have a look here too, as Huion is a good alternative to Wacom Personally i would go for Q11K model but still thinking about the HUION WH1409 V2 which offers a wide drawing space with good pressure sensitivity, works wireless ... not only that; it has a good price for what it is. in fact, have a look and watch review on Youtube and decide. i use Wacom One (small tablet) and really thinking about updating the thing (will use it only on windows laptop for video editing training). Blessings.
  3. Hello @MrSkills Well it's not easy but your request have inspired me to look around and i found these Pen Display Tablet Believe that the same type of stuffs are pricy if you look at Wacom ... so, it's a good starting point.
  4. Hello guys, maybe what i will add here is a bit far from what you are looking for but it seems like there is a possibility to add Topaz Plugins to Affinity Photo. This Tuto may help This second one too ! In fact (to me) there no such way or trying to make Serif build something like Lightroom simply because Serif is not Adobe and Serif is not even trying to mimic Adobe but they intend to create something that fits and works ... so ... something like Lightroom we may not see but, when you can't get Devs to build this or that, you can take advantage of turning what you have into a Powerful Factory. Affinity Photo already have a Good set of persona that may be improved or redesigned to fit with what you need, really but for the time until it comes yo can help yourself make awesome things. Believe Ezra Henderson from Affinity Revolution have good autos that help and maybe one of these days he may teach us how to make APhoto be as great as we see it. Hope it will help someone here and make him smile.
  5. hello @R C-R okay i see but please can you point me where it is because i think a bit lazy and too much lost in the whole forum to find it. Also, can you please tell me more about it? "if you know few about it"
  6. Hello, Today i want ask but also raise something that I think I really of great interest. Affinity designer is actually missing or lacking of real perspective tool (not saying a full 3D engine) it will be nice if we can have a real new and usable perspective grid tool. When I say usablenis because I've often struggled with a similar tool on Ai, so I'm not just asking for the tool but for something that will be a great tool, also please would you consider yo make it possible for us to do things like the one demonstrated here Isometric sketch Both stuffs are life saving and will surely make many Affinity Designer to really revolution their creation.
  7. I really expect Serif to make Publisher a real good software for Printing, PDF management, color management but also all stuffs related to High Class DTP. Also i i hope to see increasing and amazing changes from one beta version to another. Guys wish you all the best.
  8. Hey Guys ! I would recommend you check in the forum link below and see if it fits with what you are looking for. Blessings !
  9. hi @Rob_jobbs For the time until Serif decide if they are going to move into the animation world, i just recommend you go for already existing good one like Moho (if you don't want to go for After Effects) or maybe (if you have enough resources, go for Fusion 9 from BlackMagic. The only thing is the nodal stuff that you will need to learn as i did months ago. don't give up but prepare yourself for the best!
  10. +1 for HitFilm Express, it's very good one and they also do weekly video tutorials on their official youtube channel and you don't need to buy or pay for getting it, it's FREE ! In case you want something that works quick and use less resources (for your youtube video etc.) go for Wondershare Filmora, it's light but have good stuff in there to ... just ... you have to pay to get it; but they do offer trial period and it can export in common format which is a good thing. Davinci Resolve didn't worked on my Mac so, i will give another try when i buy a new laptop and see if i get it sorted or not; if not i will stick with HitFilm Express and Wondershare Filmora.
  11. Hello Guys, just found this thread now and it's really nice to read the whole thing. also believe .grd should be supported into Affinity Products, i know many here have talked about licensing etc... so, i maybe wrong too but how come Artstudio Pro which is not a product from Adobe does import .grd ? i don't think they made a miracle or some magics. See many talented designers/artists did nice job with gradient creation and it will be a normal thing for us using Serif products to also make use of it. What i create using Affinity is mine the same way for what another guy out there created with Adobe products we should both be able to enjoy what one another have created thus breaking the barrier separating us (the only difference being the software used) Not sure it can make things happen but at least here is my contribution.
  12. Hi @firstdefence this is what i was talking about. I discovered this technic from my dear friend Tom Cargill from Satori Graphics and it's really amazed me because i often create things like that with Affinity but it requires so much manipulation of the same object again and againwhich can be time consuming. I never used this technic nor did it with Ai but just found it useful and life saving.
  13. I want to Add this in my suggestions for Affinity: n- Add more Page Presets than current ones when creating a new document, i'm thinking about: Type: Print * Business Card (85*55mm) * Flyer (5*7in) * Postcard (148*106mm) Type: Web * Facebook Cover (851*315px) * Facebook Post (940*788px) * Facebook App (810*450px) * Facebook Ad (1200*627px) * Twitter Cover (1500*500px) * Twitter Post (1024*512px) * Twitch Cover (900*480px) * Twitch Video (1206*708px) * Google+ Cover (1080*608px) * LinkedIn Cover (1440*425px) LinkedIn Banner (646*220px) * Instagram Post (1080*1080px) * Tumblr Graphic (540*810px) * Pinterest Pin (735*600px) Here i suggest the presets to be added to the already existing presets making it more complete and easy to find and use for web peoples or even if not possible to implement yet, then please make it possible for us to enrich our presets by adding the save Preset function/Button or something else but a possibility for us to create more presets and save them.
  14. Hello @Pšenda ... found it. Thank you so much, was doing my click on the writing instead of the colored dot .... funny story
  15. Hello, Want to know if at some stage or age we will have something similar to the Appearance Panel. In fact, Affinity Designer makes it so simple and easy to work with Vector Shapes etc... and i really enjoy it but also i believe having a Studio or more functionality in the already present Stroke panel/studio or even in the FX studio will be of great help. it will be so fine and so nice to add : - more than 1 stroke (+stroke color) - more than 1 fill - and even much more in the same vector shape/tool thus making it easy and simple to create and work on complex vector shape without having to cut/break etc... it will help creating symbols from just one element (can be used as tattoos sign for some other designers). i mean the possibility go beyond the actual fill/stroke etc... that we already have. Also please, correct if i'm wrong and if it's already possible to apply such thing with the actual version of software. Cheers.
  16. A video tutorial? Please do. It's maybe what we need and maybe what I'm missing.
  17. Just a question i want to raise and see if someone have though about before. Now that we have Affinity Designer on iPad which perform very well and bring a fresh way, life and perspective of drawing and doing illustrations on mobile devices, is there a plan or are we going to see the Digital Art Persona coming to life? i mean even if a Digital Artist can do those great things with iPad and the normal tool set in the drawing persona, a dedicated persona with dedicated sets of tools (can be the opportunity to bring more/new tools in) can be a game changer. i'm so happy with Affinity Photo those Persona with different toolset and helping to make really beautiful works on 1 Software no need to install two or three tools to do this or that but int he same time i've seen that PS or Ai where not developed for Digital Painting or Digital Artist to work with, most of them says : we just just adapt ! And there are tons of dedicated drawing software which are real nightmare for people like me, so a Persona dedicated to Digital Art & Painting maybe needed. it's just a question from my heart that may become a suggestion and maybe get accomplished one day. Peace.
  18. Hello @Pšenda sorry for replying so late. In fact, while learning the software i noticed there are a lot of stuffs which are kind of hidden and a bit hard to find but in the same time they are really useful. Concerning the Artboard thing, i meant would it be possible to tweak the menu we have when we make use of artboard tool ? See making the right panel more dynamic to show switch between current tool set to selected tool functions like we see with the iPad version will make it even better. Yes on iPad you see icons and you have to figure it out but on desktop it would be great to have the same kind of thing (not the touch UI) which will make things more accessible. Let say i was working on pen tool then i decide to create a new artboard, by clicking the artboard tool, the right side panels would change, switching from global set of tools functionality we see by default and display everything related to Artboard tool. it will give a really new perspective and way of working with Affinity Designer (though i believe Serif is cooking something really eye catching for us) i appreciate what we have but making less use of the top bar can help so much. Sorry i have no image to show you but i just hope you will understand what i mean here.
  19. Hello @MEB ... Oups ! Well, i'm not a technical designer but personally this helped me to do the parallel thing. Sorry @Olivier Bujold though it would help you. ... in the same time i believe Serif Team is cooking something that will make it happen ! Let's wait, see and win !
  20. Hi @Olivier Bujold Welcome to Affinity Forum. Well, you will find here a video i've made that surely answers your question. Hope this will help you to start creating awesome things in Affinity from today. if you need to now more about this functionality then i believe @MEB or @Patrick Connor will be of great help. ScreenCapture_2018-7-19 13.17.38.mp4
  21. Okay i see, please share here how would you add noise to solid colors. I'm interested to learn that (i've searched bu cannot find how to do that).
  22. Hello, this may be of great interrest for someone here, the software Hej Stylus V3.1 seems to make it possible to control or manage Pen Pressure for tablets. I have dowloaded a trial and will see if it does the job but you can check and it here https://hejstylus.com
  23. Hello i would like to make suggestions for next release of Affinity Designer. Please forgive if what i ask is already sorted and operational at this stage, be kind to point to where i can be instructed about it please Requests: a- Make more Export profile available. i.e: Export for Web b- Please improve or standardize your SVG output, because those created with ADesigner are black or black when they are opened on other software. c- 3D fx/Emboss fx should be improved too, they are great but they often requires a lot of attention and tuning before it's okay, some standard 3D/Emboss profile/Preset would be of great help for those who like Auto things and the others will keep their By Hand stuffs. d- Clipping mask should be less hard to find or to do but more accessible, adding a button in the bar can be of great help. e- Please improve fonts loading on software start (we are not all using 37 fonts only ). f- the Place tool should be improved, it sometime loose the ration (even shift key pressed doesn't help to maintain it). g- Make it possible for noise to be added into a simple single color, it works on gradient but ... it should also be available for simple color. h- Accessiblity to Compound Path function need to be improved here too, a button in bar when 2 objects are selected should help. i- Artboard tool must show more options and sizes than what we currently have. j- the Pop-Up system used to display the name of a tool or a functionality should be improved to also show a quick description of what the selected tool can do. k- we should be able to round a sharp corners using the corner radius both in/out, sometime it's hard to get the correct curve because the tool make it possible in or out only, both sides should be great. l- Please make the bleed visible (red line or yellow doesn't matter) for with/without Artboard created. m- Color Picker tool should be able to pick gradient too and not just a single color, here couples of small buttons should be added in the bar and displayed when we select the color picker tool, enabling us to select gradient ON/OFF single Color ON/OFF. Well a long list but i've put everything here, those who know how to achieve this or that are welcome. @MEB you know Affinity far better than most of us here, your inputs are welcomed. To all, point me to where solution was brought and i will kindly jump there. Blessings.
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