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  1. Hello Team 
    Hello Everyone

    Yes it has been long time since i wrote here, but today i realized while working on a project that i didn't knew how to Break a text into words/lines.
    I went to help file and found a quick how to ... but realized then when I break text into words or line using Shift+Return, it all become curves and non editable anymore.

    Is there a way to do that operation without changing the nature of text/object and keep editing it ?
    your help is welcome.


  2. On the fact of a great product I do trust Serif for the Affinity line of Products.
    Just one thing I personally hope is that, the Windows version of the app should work flawless or just as good as the Mac builds.
    Back in the time I owned a MacBook and that's where I discovered the Affinity products and it was super cool even though my Mac was old i could actually without a problem, then my Mac died and in my country it would cost me a liver if I had to buy another Mac, the simple thing to do was to go back to PC and window; then I was surprised to see that it wasn't clearly the same feeling at all
    So please @Patrick Connorand team, I'm not begging but just asking you to put some good work in place and make the windows version as good as the Mac version so wa can all enjoy the trip like equally

    I appreciate your work and respect what you guys do, you've been in the hard time when the pandemic was hitting the planet and you offered such a unique possibility to artist and even hobbyist to not go mad during the hard times, so thank you but ... forget us not

  3. Fetched and tested, no major problem found here.
    well i don't use everything but i'm happy to see that pugin detection system is much better now, I can send work to apps Luminar do some tune up then get back to Aphoto for complementary stuffs then exports, Yet, it is still destructive but at least it works with less tricks and pain.
    Zoom refresh is working much better than the latest 2 builds, i have a GPU that have not the acceleration but I feel at home.

    So, Thanks Team.

  4. experiencing similar but noticed the live preview is broken too.
    works after file is closed then re-open 
    it's a bit annoying, masks too have issues, i got bottom layers promoted in view mode after i applied a mask, was obliged to deleted and redo, then things worked. 
    I noticed the same issues on all 3 apps btw.
    few broken bones in this build that need attention from teams, hope @MEB is reading this. 


  5. 1- Talking Hardware Acceleration and drivers etc.

    I'm planing to buy this GPU before end of 2021: GEFORCE GTX 1660 Ti 
    Will it enable that feature on Affinity?

    2- Hardware Acceleration seem to be sort of enabled by default when it is manually disabled on non supported devices, I hope this new build fixes it because it makes the app lag on stuffs it wasn't lagging before which is anoying and/or deal breaker as Affinity had the reputation of being lighter, fast and not resources demanding.

    BTW I'm fetching this build now and will test it later in the day.

  6. Guys !
    Just to say i'm against this call.
    As a Linux user and knowing how the ecosystem and mindset is at the moment in the global community i'd say we shouldn;t make such calls, instead we wish serif to loose money they can invest into making the already existing products better.

    No! it's a No.
    Serif should keep on following their own route and if one day it comes to pass by and join the Linux route then we all know.
    Instead we can ask serif to partner with inkscape and gimp team so together they can agree on developing a file format that make those opensource and well known apps to read/write projects files made by one or another with ease.

    Teaming on file format is much better and realistic at this moment building a total new line of products that may not survive in less or more than 5y


  7. Thanks to you @fde101 
    Well i'm aware of the isometric thing but if you see my suggestion with a bit of atention you'll notice the fact that i know it does exist as I do use it in some designs but as I said the video is like very impressive on how they made it work at Corel.
    It's a thing to have base functionality/function but it is something to make soft and easy to be handled or used by a total neophite but also the fact of making the current isometric tool as easy as the one on the video brings a lot of advantages as peoples of many skills will be enabled into a much faster and reactive way of work and they can focus even more on their creative job than trying to absolutely know the tool for hours and hours without finding the proper way to manage it.

    that was my point but yes I do appreciate your input here, it helps!

  8. Hello Everyone and the Dev. Team.

    1st I'm not asking to Serif of any of team to copy and implement this as it is presented.
    2nd I'm all good with what the Affinity line of products have to offer in its current state of release.

    But on the other hand taking this as example of indication of what Serif can enable on the Affinity product isn't  a bad thing and many will surely get good profit of this.
    The Video talks by itself so describe my suggestion in a much better way than any words I can write here.

    CorelDraw 2021 - Draw in perspective


  9. 7 hours ago, Mark Ingram said:

    WARP is just for presenting the document. It won't affect acceleration.

    Hi Mark 

    Thanks for your answer, appreciated.
    BTW is it normal that both "Save" and "Export" takes ages now?
    I mean old build was a bit faster doing that and the concept of "waiting too long" wasn't invited in the party.

    Does this affect only me or changes have been recently made? I use no HW Accel. as my GPU just can't so it's not linked to my GPU unless the app is trying to force that functionality in BG.

    Well whatever that is, I believe it will fixed or explained so to make things clear.

  10. @Sean P and the vector team

    many have asked for a new way to manage shadow on objects etc (myself included) so I propose that the vector Team investigate on Logoist by Synium software; it has an acceptable way of doing things when it comes to shadow (drop down, long shadow etc.) and maybe from there you can build something pretty and original.

    I'm enjoying current Beta phase a lot but I believe many have needs so even small implementation can and would help to be patient and tempted not to hop between apps.
    Help us Help you guys.

    Thanks and Blessings.

  11. 1- Download was cool and fast, no lag, no stop.
    2- install went no issue and no alert
    3- app launch is fast (have not tried a project with it)
    4- font loading is quite faster.
    5- Removal of guide is a bit faster than previous build but still has lags, well nothing major on this I can live with it.
    6- project template  loading is slow while it loaded in less than 3sec on AfPublisher (exact exact template, no change to it); should be fixed in next build.
    7- File>Export (to Dir) now works faster, all previous build was lagging a lot when trying to open the windows file manager dialog box but now it's much better.

    This build seem to be good at some for me but still some few stuffs need to be resolved or improved for the good.
    Thanks to @Mark Ingram and the entire AfPublisher team.

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