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  1. Uncle Mez

    Smarty Studio : Our Project (made with Affinity)

    it is okay but it is hidden thus making it not the first thing to think about ! What i ask is a more present thing something we have right before us and we can eassily remember about ! Thanks a lot for pointing to that as many will now know there is such a menu/tool and use less Adobe color stuff.
  2. Uncle Mez

    Smarty Studio : Our Project (made with Affinity)

    The biggest challenge I had with this project was with complementary colors. We really need a tool that makes it easier to find or generate those and not strugglewith external tools from Adobe etc. Please team,build a dedicated tool that will manage colors in an assistant style so we can figure out but very easily what colors we can work with on a project and not do the Arc-en-Ciel thing !
  3. Uncle Mez

    Smarty Studio : Our Project (made with Affinity)

    Hello @Wosven really this is the kind of advice i'm looking for ! I'm okay with this and you are right, btw i will try it and see if i can update here. Well you are right here too and i will see how to fix this, the original picture that you see was taken from a phone by a young girl in her room then shared through Telegram messenger in compression mode ... it was 78.2kB only so just imagine how much details was lost. But, your comments make me think i need to organize another retouch and bring some softness in there. Blessings !
  4. Uncle Mez

    Smarty Studio : Our Project (made with Affinity)

    Hello everyone ! i'm back today with a quick one i wanted to share with you here ! Well it is something that only is concentrated on my pixel Technics learning process, i had an image before me and though i could use it to apply some of the nice Technics I've learned around the internet. i essentially used: * HSL adjustment layer * Lasso Tool * inPainting tool * Level adjustment layer * Clarity Live filter * High Pass Live filter The core layout was created unto Affinity Publisher Beta All Pixel works was done with Affinity Photo then placed into the project layout Everything Vector (fonts essentially) was done with Affinity Designer + the overlay heart stuffs was done using a vector brush which allowed me to paint it fast and easy. Tell me what you think about and what you think you could do to make it better ! I've also attached the original photo of the object used so you can compare and even get inspired. My Thanks to the Affinity Team. @MattP @Sean P as you can see this one was achieved with Beta version of the Affinity line of products, no stable version was used at all. Blessings !
  5. Hi @MattP @Sean P sorry if i ask this and it is in a wrong place but ... after looking around i simply realized this: 1- software icon is changed 2- many stuffs and tools have been upgraded/improved still the export persona have not seen visual improvement nor upgrade and none of the recent changelog have mentioned any thing to happen on that persona. Can we expect to see new stuffs in there too ?
  6. Hello @Bri-Toon find me happy to read from you and see you are still around. Watched your content and was a bit surprised but at least you are here and i feel better thinking that i will run the test same period as you will but i'm also thining about all the geeks around who are helping ADesigner to become even better. i too will wait until the next beta release to talk about what i find in there.
  7. Hello Everyone ! First of All Happy New year. ... This year starts with a great touhc of Creativity and some Fresh Air. This Beta Release just comes on time. @MattP @Sean P Thank you for this good one, i just Hope you had good Festive season with your family and friends. Promise you will see great stuffs created with Affinity Designer this year. Blessings !
  8. Hello everyone ! not sure this is the right place to post this but i found it to be the only place global suggestion goes and i take the opportunity to share my recent idea here. Well, i think it is time for Serif to develop a lace similar to Behance on its infrastructure. Designers, Photographs, illustrators and those working in the publishing industry using the Affinity range of products will be interested into this. it will also make it easier for those who have no knowledge or simply have no time of building their portfolio website/page to find a place where they feel at home. i know many will say : but why not just go on Behance or one of those shiny website out there and do the stuff ? My answer is : i just feel how much home alone you will feel when you see all peoples around you processing with the same software and sharing content that makes them be a family and you can't just use their content properly nor even share yours and they find it okay ! Better for now is Serif must develop such a platform, even making different level such as : Free (very simple) , Silver then Gold ! it will be place where people can just come browse and discover what is possible to be made with Affinity thus making the Forum a place for questions and answer. Yes we share content here, Yes it is helpful but all those good artist I've met here can't hide anymore behind a forum that no one can easily enjoy, it is time for Affinitizers to be openly revealed to the world. Serif is not playing a back court game nor a Toy story tales but a real stuffs that deserve visibility everywhere. Hope this will be of interest and not just forgotten. Blessings !
  9. Uncle Mez

    Smarty Studio : Our Project (made with Affinity)

    Hi @Wosven coming back to your inputs, this is the really small changes i've made. unfortunately the requester loved it so much she took it already so i'm reviewing this on personal purposes and just hope she will ask me to send her the same stuffs so that will be the opportunity to send the improved one. Thank you so much for your precious inputs !
  10. Uncle Mez

    Smarty Studio : Our Project (made with Affinity)

    Hello Everyone ! Was quite busy but wanted to share this with you. I've been trusted to work on another project for Naîloth 'the journalist', this one is not yet finished as you can see, the provided photo is of very bad quality and doesn't match and is too much blurry and simply i'm still learning about photo. Like the previous one, it is intended to make Naîloth visible on the scene and also it gives me a chance to apply few of the stuffs and technics i've recently learned. Like for the previous, don't hesitate to give me your inputs and advice, telling how you think i can manage to make things better. Blessings !
  11. Uncle Mez

    Smarty Studio : Our Project (made with Affinity)

    I forgot to mention that the photo shooting was done with a smartphone: HTC Desire S ... the 'sac a main' casting was done on a normal table without any kind of reflector, lighting etc ... all level adjustment was done with Affinity Photo, the writings and all vector related stuffs done with Affinity Designer then everything converged unto Affinity Publisher. This project helped me to setup another kind of workflow that i find quite interresting for now ! Keep making Affinity better.
  12. Uncle Mez

    Smarty Studio : Our Project (made with Affinity)

    Hello @Wosven you are so accurate. i had a similar feeling but actually skipped it somewhere in my brain. btw ... Naïloth is really happy and peoples around her find it okay so i'm kind of happy fir now only.
  13. Uncle Mez

    Smarty Studio : Our Project (made with Affinity)

    Hello Everyone ! Happy New Year and May you be more inspired in all ways. I'm back with another quick Design i made for Naïloth 'the Journalist'; find it here and like i always do, write me your inputs and comments. The Design was made teaming the Affinity "Trium Vira" (Designer + Photo + Publisher) and intended for print. Only 1 question i ask: What would you change or add to make this design better if you where the selected Designer for this project ? Blessings !
  14. Happy New Year everyone ! Today i'm coming back to first say thank you to the whole Serif Affinity Team and Leadership for the great piece of software they are producing. But ... i believe with this new year starting now and the beta cycle still on going we can point out something that made Affinity really appealing and still was copied/implemented by major companies in their solution and that thing is ... live preview ! Today i would simply ask Serif Affinity Team to : 1- Push the live preview even forward, make it possible for us to live preview Boolean Operations 2- Group adjustment filters into categories thus making them well organized, I've noticed they are kind of from the same family so grouping will make it less tricky to understand what they are made for and what they supposed to do at different levels of application 3- Put similar Blending mode into their corresponding groups, there too they need to appear according to what they are capable or intended to do and having them just one column is not a good indication of the sub-group of functionality they refer too. i.e: i made massive use of Overlay blending mode until i took a course on the different blending options in photography and learned that Soft Light does the same thing but in a different manner, i since then use Soft light instead of overlay (which is use only when i want to go hard) and i get better results on photographic stuffs (when it has peoples on it). 4- Make it possible for Mask to turn black when we press ctrl+i/cmd+i to invert it, it is actually not doing that so we have to start painting with a brush on it the mask fill to reveal itself thus making hard to know if the invert worked or not. 5- Make it possible for Affinity to import/place .art3 files from Art Text 3 with Auto Update like it is possible to do with Affinity Line products, this will compensate with Affinity not being capable of 3D stuffs like does Art Text 3 at this stage and will make Affinity even appealing and a better tool to use simply because it's initegrates other files into it's workflow. 6- Publisher is lacking of default shortcut to access Resource Manager please fix. 7- Publisher makes hard when it comes to update a linked file that have changed or have been updated, the pop(up shows but only with the "close button" it should also have the "update" button when the resource manager will allow us to update more files. Well that was my 7 point and suggestions to help Affinity be better in this New year. Blessings !
  15. Uncle Mez

    Smarty Studio : Our Project (made with Affinity)

    Hello @VectorWhiz i'm so glad of your words and you too are a great Designer. i've browsed your website and found that great job you do with pixels and vectors and i really like it. Blessings !