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  1. Hello @Alfred @R C-R You both got it right! @Callum in fact i'm not going the New Web Design Software route but asking for few more to be added and the example i point to is SketchApp recent improvement. I mean, like ADesigner, Sketchapp is a vector design software which used to sucks a lot but peoples who design websites and make app design use it a lot (not for development) and even contribute to make it better: it is their product. I mean we use ADesigner and it can be confusing to also install SketchApp on the same PC/Laptop just because i may want to draw or design an App like i would do with the other App or even think about going the XD route just because of it's Artboard wire and Sync etc. i mean the way ADesigner manages symbols must be improved and also the constrain studio needs to be improved and i believe with all recent tuning made with predominant tools like the pen tool, the node tool etc... it will be a pleasure to do App Design with ADesigner. This is mypersonal though about how things are managed by Serif up to now in regards with the public. if other companies can make a great success of a function or a concept they've actually got inspired by Serif, then Serif have no right to not improve or drop down what they create because it is proven that Serif know how to invent. I don't know how many hours of tuto I've watched on YouTube when CC 2019 first came out making great noise of things we already had with APhoto and ADesigner and ... they got even more users and fans when Affinity only went to 1 million users instead of 2 or 3 million users. Hope this will help ! Blessings.
  2. Like the title say it is simple. I applied a vignette live filter and started to erase excess using brush tool with black color but APhoto crashed, it did happened twice on a normal JPEG file. Maybe it is a known bug for this beta, would be great to have it fixed. Blessings
  3. Hello Guys Thank you for your replies. in fact i was talking about few functionalities that will make ADesigner to be used for Websites mockups and flat designs, things that we present to client before development decision is made. I mean like what we see people do with SketchApp or Figma or even inVision. Those functionalities that helps. For one of my old designs i was happy to have those symbols things you put in there, they actually helped me for many things like color sync etc... So having more tools like that would be great and helpful for those who do websites/apps mockups Blessings !
  4. Hello Support ! We got surprised by the step taken by Serif Affinity team on bringing new functionality into ADesigner that made the software even usable and one of it was symbols. That time you made the move, other software specialized on Web Design (Vector Design) where playing on other ground and suddenly adopted the symbol thing and i see few have quite improved it. Personally i was waiting for ADesigner to offer new stuffs like wire stuff that allow to connect artboards etc... in fact, now that Muse and other Website design software are dead, we all tends to rely on what we have and i see a lot of people switching to XD and they do evangelize a lot about it. So i ask again, have you dropped the web design land ? Are we going to see more stuffs that will make ADesigner the tool we would use for website design ? Is the publisher what you are now preparing to do that job ?
  5. Hello Everyone ! I would like to know what is the easiest way to match colors on a Photo Montage/Composition in Affinity Photo without going all this crazy and too technical way. Is Serif thinking about bringing in the Color Match Live adjustment ? it is needed and may help shorten too long workflow or steps. Blessings !
  6. Hello People Hello Dev's and Team Well today i'll make it simple for this amazing product we love. I would suggest a new Special Filter to be developed and implemented on Affinity Photo. The Skin Tone Live filter This Special filter should take care of helping the user to process skin tone adjustment in a Pro way and with ease of use. it should come with a tonal range picking tool that allow to pick and a set the initial/reference point/color range we would like to apply into areas we wish to correct. The filters should be Live and Non Destructive allowing a anytime tuning. The same filter should also include slider that will help us achieve things like Smoothing etc... like existing Filters is should have a Mask in it so we can paint the adjustment on specific areas we think we need to correct. let's say i want to make a model skin uniform, i would select the skin color Filter, use its picking/tonal range selection tool and click on the area that i think is the good/best tonal reference point, once i get that point it becomes what i will paint using brush tool in areas i think should be corrected, then i paint into areas i want to uniform to see them updated with selected tonal range and from the same Filter i should also the able to slide left or right (starting from center) to smooth or sharpen the applied skin tone. This should help us spend less time working on model/portrait skin tone but gain great results. if others can learn from us then we too can learn from them but make it 1000 times better than how it offered/presented actually. That was my suggestion for Affinity Photo. Blessings !
  7. Uncle Mez

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta (

    HuHo ! Look like there is a bug with the new Layer icon size. This happened to me during my test (which i'm still running) if you carefully look below the folded group you will see a grayed line that have the same height than the group, that grayed line is in fact a group of layers (the Background of the project), once folded it's not showing anymore it happens only when i select bigger layer icon size (medium and big) but the minute i switch to small everything appears. i have no special config and my system is up to date so i believe this is bug that needs to be fixed or others may think they broken something or placed a wrong stuff. Hope you have noticed it as i did. Blessings !
  8. Uncle Mez

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta (

    @Andy Somerfield Download was okay ! No problem during the installation. No problem with tools or during the use of the software. Even found the tools seems to act more fluid and have some kind of natural flow (pen tool, brush tool and everything inPainting), than you for removing the small lags and unnatural feel i was experiencing, now i can use the inPainting without checking the stabilization option. Shouldn't the Patch tool (which is greatly improved and i like it more and more) also be improved with stabilization tips like using the shift key or those stabilize options i use with inPainting tool ? it will help people with shaking hands ! thank you for this Great release and trust you for the next will be even great. Blessings
  9. Please @AdamW i see that Publisher doesn't display its default icon on saved projects displayed located in the "Open Recent" menu. I've attached a screenshot of what i see on my side just i have darkened projects name but left two basic ones so you can see. Maybe it was forgotten until now because it is something small compared to the massive job the team have to achieve but to me it makes things so unfinished ... if you see ! Blessings
  10. Hello @AdamW i'm having few problems with the assets studio on Publisher. After i've loaded my assets i use with Designer and Photo the different categories does Fold but cannot unFold no matter how many click i do. Will send you the afassets files in private so you can check if the problem is with the these files (created with 1.6) or with Publisher itself in this new version. Blessings
  11. Uncle Mez

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta (

    First of all THANKS a LOT @Andy Somerfield This weekend is a great one with you closing the walk. This change brings peace into my workflow as i often tends to think : the tool is broken ... until i realize it stayed in position from previous project and get it sorted. So happy you fixed this, i will give it a try as soon as the download is done and install is 100%. This also is time saving and i would propose a drag and drop from web browser to Photo to also be taken in charge (for those who work that way), does't change something for me as i make use of the stock studio when i want to use an image from the web, it is better that way and avoid me opening web browser because they use so much RAM and CPU. Actually i will call this release PEACE 01 because its bring more peace to this already peaceful world of Affinity and close many stressful requests and topics at once. Bravo Affinity Photo Team. Blessings.
  12. Uncle Mez

    Smarty Studio : Our Project (made with Affinity)

    As always @Wosven you give the best advice and ask the best questions. I will do a favor to you because you help me so much but it won't be public at all (at least for now). You have opened a door to many thus believe you are a great blessing. Check your mailbox. Blessings !
  13. Uncle Mez

    Smarty Studio : Our Project (made with Affinity)

    Hello Dear Affinitizers. Happy to be back with this quick one; yesterday i was trusted again by Perez Chapel Foucks to design a quick Banner + Square ad for their whatsapp and other socials. The idea is simply to announce the monthly topic they are to talk about. As they liked the previous job made for the Diner so they asked this other one to be as the previous but a bit customized. Like always, your inputs are welcome and will help me improve even more like you have noticed i'm doing since i'm sharing my works here with you. @Andy Somerfield i have struggled a bit with the tone mapping persona ... i believe there should be a global Filter/Tone intensity slider implemented that will help to decrease the global strength of the filter/tone i select on a project without having to play with each stuffs in there. Just a global that will increase or decrease the intensity would be great. Blessings !
  14. Hello @MattP Hello everyne Happy i've updated my ADesigner without any problem. I'm off a project now but will give test in my soon to be released content and revert here is there is bug etc... Huho ! Just noticed noticed the Asset Studio react a bit slower than in previous version, from the time i unfold a category till a time it fully display, takes quite time. Possibly file format causing that. That's all for now ! Blessings.
  15. Hello @TonyB want to know what are your plan for this tool and if this will be like an expansion of the power duplicate? also are we going to see this implemented in the current beta ? for us to test so we have chance to help you better the tool by submitting bug reports etc. blessings !