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  1. Well i don't know hot change the topic title so just had it here. Beta 133 is sooooooo nice i love it the way the place tool react, now there is more ways to deal with pictures/photos linked or embedded. On the other hand, text tool are much fluid now, the switch between tools using shortcuts now is working without issue (it was simply buggy on previous versions). there is something i don't understand, the transparency tool is not working as it used to (with beta 128) it's really bizarre, now to get a good transparency level on picture placed using the picture frame tool i need to apply transparency on the picture layer then also on the top layer which is the frame itself; otherwise, only applying transparency to one (frame tool) result in darkish thing and to the other one (picture itself) result in blurry thing. Please can this be fixed to become usable again like it was under beta 128 ? if it's a new concept of transparency please explain so we can take note and adjust way of working. Well color management is better (when printing the project) than what it was with previous Beta. Still, the node tool of publisher is not yet managing nodes curved with the curve tool on Affinity Designer and due to the fact we cannot "edit with..." yet it makes it a bit tricky to process, not impossible at all but time and effort consuming. ... I see the rotate anti clockwise thing ... what it is for ? ... Here my smile goes to the new create preset menu, it's life and time saving and ... you have started to make the dream comes true. ... PDF, PNG and TIFF (file extension i use the most for export) are now less blurry than previous version, please tweak it again for better. ... SVG (created on other vector softwares) import is working better and there is no more that darkish shadow that appeared on beta .58 (like it was the case on old ADesigner and APhoto). now need to see if other softwares can open sag created with Publisher without any issue. ... Node tool is better and i really enjoy those pink snapping line that appears, they are very helpful even for hand drawing exercices, please don't remove them but make them better and bring them into ADesigner as well (with more...). ... Also there is new Snap icon that appears on the top bar, it displays the very same functions as the old we make use of ... what is the plan for and with this ? In waiting for more light from you guys, i wish you Stay Blessed.
  2. i see that, well thank you @Aammppaa this is good, similar to what said @StuartRc Well i still think or believe this should be improved, style or just stroke profile saving from top category; in fact, something have to be done to make it easier for us to work with. Also, is this mentioned as something possible in the affinity workbook ? i don't have one but surely will consider to buy one of these days. my point is, less tech or tricky stuffs and just draw > set curve style > save profile application wide. In fact, this came right on my eyes when i looked at Affinity photo for iPad, there pressure is just blazing amazing and eye catching and i though whew would be great idf i can draw a line like that on desktop without the need of tons of tricks ! but you scored here; let me try that and come back here with results. Blessings !
  3. Arnaud Mez

    Introducing... Affinity Spotlight

    Hi @KateM i'm really thankful and happy of Affinity Spotlight content. Well, i have a suggestion and just don't know where to put it so i chose here (don't hesitate to move elsewhere if needed). Affinity Spotlight is great thing but not everyone here like to read on pages, browsers etc. i myself tends to watch or listen in-between two project phase for 15min max (between drawing and applying a filter for the same project, i take 15min break that i use to educate myself with quick tuto) so, i believe you can make it even better by creating a youtube and facebook channel where people will enjoy watching or listening to contents you have to share. to me it's a school to read from Spotlight, would be great if you make podcast, video cast and/or even live session with artists, protographer, illustrators etc... using Affinity product line every day to share in live session the tricks, their experiences, advices etc... but also make the quick you are sharing on spotlight on video as daily or weekly digest feed ... you have that great Affinity speaker/teacher who demonstrated Affinity Publisher in related video tuto; he can do that (i enjoy earring his accent and voice, very original) well, make it happen in video format so we can be more satisfied (if possible). Well i hope you won't react on this fast because it's week-end and you have to rest and enjoy you life, just needed to put it here before i forget about this. Blessing to Y'All at Affinity Spotlight.
  4. Hi @StuartRc see how many steps you take to achieve a simple thing that should take a simple click and draw ? That why it's a great to make it possible to save line/stroke profile application wide for reuse on any project (new or old) without having to redo/reinvent the whole thing. Not only that, it will help us not feel reject because we have not a blazing or killing drawing tablet with pen pressure functionality when we love our already existing but great mouse. Thank you so much for your input ! Much appreciated.
  5. Hello ! @Patrick Connor, @AdamW, @MEB and other team member, i just hope you are really taking it and resting and enjoying staying with your friends, family etc... and not touching your laptops for this week-end. i'm dropping something here for Affinity Publisher (and also the whole product line) but not expecting you to answer or contribute during the week-end, you deserve good rest. Well, this is a proposition i've been continually forgetting to log here. Using Publisher (but also Designer and Photo) in our workflow (for those who integrated it already before stable version) we often and even make massive use of stroke and tweaking it is part of our every day thing; i see there is possibility to set a stroke profile after playing with the curve thing to make its aspect fit our need; after doing that curve thing we can save the profile ... but i noticed this, the saved stroke curving profile disappears after saving closing the project (case 1) and we have to remember how it looked like and redo it my request is this, would it be possible to save stroke curve profile as application wide usable thing, like we continually do with colors/gradient palette so we can simply reuse it with old projects or when starting a fresh project ? i often watch the brothers from Design Art Studio, Olivio Sarikas and even @Bri-Toon tutorial on youtube and for each new projects they have to redo the line stroke profile tweaking over and over for that project, which you must admit is really time consuming. i would rather, setup a stroke curve profile, save it and know it's application wide (like color some palette) and not document based only and then simply select it in the stroke tab before i draw a new line, then draw my line using pen/pencil tool with that selected profile and see if it fits my desire, this will be helpful for those still using mouse technology and even for those using pen/graphic tablets lacking pressure sensitivity functionality to feel home but also to feel and work with less stress or see their head overheated trying to think or remember how this used to work or to be but just focus on their design and produce great things. Please make the curved stroke profile saving applicable application wide in Publisher and if it has the success it should have, then replicate/expand it to Designer and Photo. @firstdefence, @Petar Petrenko, and all others ... your inputs to round the corners of this idea/proposition is expected and will be of great help ! Blessings !
  6. Thanks @AdamW for this great news, i'm downloading the new beta now and will also play with it during the week-end ... actually not really playing with but putting it in production front line and see how it works. I really don't mind it crashing on this or that, in fact crashing on production work is the opportunity to log a report to you so you sort it. don't forget to enjoy your week-end with your family while we are exploring the depth of publisher (if possible do to so). Blessings to Y'All.
  7. i've noticed APub crashes if you try to add 2 page numbering on facing page. i was following the official tutorial from Serif about adding page number and the numbers where showing on left side only so tried to create another text box and make it page number, APub simply crashed just after clicked on that second text box to make it page number. This shouldn't be the case but the software should send us a warning message preventing us from doing that manipulation (if forbidden by Serif) instead of simply crashing sayin nothing to me Dev's please fix my APub.
  8. Thank you so much @MEB for this update. 1- where can we find it ? 2- will Serif make it possible for us to create things like that using stuffs from over the internet ? importing or creating from selection like it is the case for styles etc. 3- can i save a precise form i've created using the smart tools as an .aftoolpresets ? 4- i've noticed copy paste from other softwares (like logoist 3 3.1.1) to APub doesn't seems to work even if i insist selecting Paste from clipboard will this get updated? 5- Will you add curve functionality to the node tool on APub ? it's a nightmare at this stage to manage rounded corners with the node tool in APub 6- Will the live link and interaction be maintained and improved when compatible version of ADesigner and APhoto will be released ? i mean this is a must to have things live edited 7- Will Serif make it possible for use Luminar and Aurora HDR as fully working plugins for APub (and APhoto) ? Thank you for your lovely move and actions to make things clear for us. Blessings !
  9. My mistake, sorry @Patrick Connor and thank you for splitting this to another thread; i believe @Bri-Toon also have interresting things that he would had here that will help a lot !
  10. Coming back to Publisher beta .128 now ! @AdamW the installation was fluid and without issues at all (like previous beta version for mac) but was a bit faster than beta .58 Software start is even faster. Yeah ! the convert to frame picture is working very well; i'm happy to be able to create smart tool of any form and simply change it to picture frame and clip a picture to it and obtain an artistic thing. and still be able to tweak by adding more points, radius, and even curve edges; this is simply very good move. Here something very pleasing is the availability of preset and preset manager for smart tools... it's simply nice and time saving but i have a question for this: what file extension is recognized as a preset that can be imported as smart tool preset in APub ? Also i'm now able to easily place geometry section in my toolbar (couldn't do that with .58 at all); yet Another question: could it be possible to also have Geometry and Transform & Rotate as group ? this should be like you did with the alignment group which is now offering much more options that saves lives; i believe making it possible for the geometry section of tool to also become a group will make it better ... also please make it possible to have live preview on each of the geometry function (placing my mouse over subtract should show me how the it will look like without me clicking) this will help people making up their mind and figuring it out before applying cuts or adds using the geometry section. Yeah Export now includes bleeds as you promised, big thanks ! The Export persona is still ... and need to be improved to fit with what APub is becoming. The same file/project created with .58 loads much faster with .128, this is a good move. What file is recognized to be a table format that can be imported in APub ? This is my quick review of Affinity Publisher Beta .128 on MacOS, maybe i will give the windows version a try in coming days. Blessings !
  11. Hello ! Well i believe this was asked many times in this great Affinity community by a lot of members; so i take another chance to raise things but a bit differently this time. I Really believe Serif should consider to develop a technology similar to smart object into Affinity Publisher but also making that technology capable of supporting smart objects from Adobe will be a great step forward that will enable more areas of application. i'm not talking about supporting an already existing technology only but building something revolutionary that makes it possible to go far more than what smart object have to offer at this date. Something that will make it possible to do much more but that same technology should also offer the possibility edit, tweak etc. smart objects created on Adobe products. Why Publisher? Because it is a great product that user will intentionally use for creating stuffs destined to external view/usage such as mockups/books cover etc. then Publisher should receive 100% of that technology and Photo should only be capable of supporting what is already created (an existing structure from APub or Adobe PS/Ai). How should this work? i believe through a kind of smart persona or smart menu that will have everything there to help build/change or tweak. There is so much to tell and to do with smart objects in this age and having a technology concurrent to what Adobe made for their products but that will make it possible handle Adobe S.O and improve it far more using revolutionary technics will surely bring stability in the industry. May you from this community have inputs regarding this to help the idea grow, please feel free to add; only Serif team will be inspired how to implement in due time, we only focus on raising ideas for them to work on and make available for our convenience. Blessings !
  12. Hello @AdamW i'm so happy for this new update of Affinity Publisher. Well, the bellow made me smile when i saw it: to me it means a lot because i've been sharing and asking for this days ago in a thread somewhere in this great forum. Also please, would you enlighten me by telling more about the below ? i hope resource manager now show alert sign on missing links (not the pop-up message in the software); if not then, next beta release (if there is one planned) should see that enabled. Above all, thank you for this great work and ... the s3 servers works well now ! Blessing!
  13. Arnaud Mez

    Affinity Video?

    Nice to read from you dear ! Sorry but the first line was not kind of pointing you especially nor saying you intended to make that mutation happen, forgive me if this touched or bothered you personally but, < i was just talking out of my heart inviting other peoples who may think and consider Serif to become their Divid argument for killing or fighting the Adobe Goliath to reconsider their ways, Serif is not fighting Adobe, it's more about building together but using different methods.> Well i never tried CyberLink except the fact i used their DVD Player but it was decades ago when we where all windows XP !
  14. Make them PDF and import them into APub, use version .58 of APub, it works better than beta .57
  15. Arnaud Mez

    Affinity Video?

    Well, let's not by our request push Serif to become another Adobe or simply be the cause of the birth of a new "hegemony system" ... So, i would like to advice you my friend to try the solutions below: 1- HitFilm Express FREE https://fxhome.com/express this one is really good and close to Premiere and you can do very things with, they also offer the ignite pack for free. 2- Wondershare Filmora https://filmora.wondershare.com/video-editor/ a really nice piece of software, uses less memory than Pro or big tools and help do great projects. 3- Davincy Resolve 15 https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/products/davinciresolve/ ... simply the best i've worked with, but its require a really good pc/laptop; really. My request would be to ask for Serif to make files created with the affinity range to be compatible with other already existing softwares. ie: svg from ADesigner only can be read APhoto/APub without being broken so fixing this will help many to designer under Affinity range and animate it with one the 3 i've listed here. Blessing !