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  1. Arnaud Mez

    Swash Tutorial

    @DesignMeister there is another way to overcome that thing. One of my many techincs is to learn from what other Designers do on PS or Ai them apply the same thing but using variant/different way of working things out with affinity. it has helped me to shorten my workflow and even master new method and ... integrate them in my creative work. i would say: if it works with PS or Ai then it will work with Affinity. Also, do not hesitate to jump from Adesigner to APhoto, i personally take advantage of that functionality. Staying on Vector/Pixel only environement is (to me) the hold way of processing; with Affinity New ways of Creativity are Yours!
  2. Arnaud Mez

    Affinity Designer Customer Beta -

    thank you so much @Patrick Connor
  3. Arnaud Mez

    Affinity Designer Customer Beta -

    Hi @Mark Ingram just want to make sure, is there another beta version than Just want to make sure I have the last beta and do more test work/projects with it. Also... Fonts loading is faster with beta and it shut very fast too (impressive for a design software) , still I really request for improved font loading on finall/retail version. Blessings.
  4. I'm maybe taking too much risk writing this but... What is life without risk. I asked a similar question but didn't have the right words. Now I can ask... Would it be possible to port the same reactive interface we see on iPad onto the desktop version. Please, I'm not asking the same touch because we all don't have wacom or huion but I'm talking about the reaction the interface have. On the right side flipping according to the tool we select for use on the left sidemaking it less static but more dynamic. A case: I select the pen tool and the functions or setup (which tends) to be static on left side flip-in to give me all possibilities I can do with that tool. Colors swatches can flip in or become available when I select drop tool or fill tool etc. Dynamic menus flipping in will really help us to know more about all tools we use, the top bar is too small to display all we need. The port of iPad like or even improved interface will surely shift Affinity into another level of conviviality. I'm maybe asking too much but I believe Affinity is will change the game.
  5. Arnaud Mez

    Congratulations on Designer for iPad

    Definitely, this is the best place to be. I have watched the Affinity live and I really enjoyed it. Congrats to Serif team for Designer iPad
  6. Arnaud Mez

    Grass brush for AP - updated to v.0.2

    Thank you for opening new door of doing great design. +1
  7. This is great to read, now many peoples will have better understanding of why it took so long ... both Win and Mac !!! Guys You rock ! Hey @Bri-Toon come check here ...
  8. Hi Everyone, Staff Well i know there are couples of subjects concerning the possibility to create mockups with ADesigner or APhoto but ... what if we are simply missing the point and trying to recreate another aready existing Adobe concept? i mean, Designer is a vector oriented software (with pixel persona i know) and Photo is Pixel oriented (with much more we all believe we have seen there) but on the other hand Publisher look similar to inDesign, a place you put together things you ahev designer on both hands (Vectors and Pixels). What if the possibility of creating mockups is implemented into Publisher instead of ADesigner or Aphoto. let's say i have to design a Flyer/Poster with vectors and photos/pictures (well even a business card ... don't why i chosed a Poster). I would: 1- Prepared everything vector with designer and save them in a folder as .afdesign file 2- Work on my photo/picture (this takes times so ... better make it with the right tool) the save it into another folder as .afphoto file 3- Create my project using the right profile (A3 Print, CMYK/8) then simply place what i've created in there and adjust them to fit and APub would be also what i would use for text and blending (if needed) and from there have an option of creating a mockup from that precise place (APub). Well the option for creating mockups should be Auto (for Beginners) and Manual (for advanced peoples). My point here is, if APub can take care of "smart objects" and the whole mockup thing then Photograph would focus on APhoto and enjoy the power of the tool when illustrators would enjoy the power of ADesigner when those who work on Publishing document and making demos etc... would also focus and enjoy APub. To me this will help the respective teams to not try to create things that can create great confusion if we realize it's not where it should be or simply ... we have all asked for another Adobe like piece of software. Maybe we will see a community of Mockups Creator/Designer surface/migrate/be born into the Affinity space, peoples who will create then share/sell what will save life but stay focus and improve into doing that and helping the Serif Publisher team to improve that functionality for that precise software. it's just an idea, what do you think about or have to add. Please i may have missed an already said thing but feel free to direct me. Blessings !
  9. Hello dear, it is simply this: 1- You can buy one from here https://evoluent.com/ but there are couples of vertical mouse manufacturers all around. this one is also nice to look at ...
  10. Hello here, it's very interesting to read this content. Well i'm not killing the mouse story as I still have one from lenovo that I use from time to time, but, personally I now make a lot of use of my Wacom One Pen Tablet with Designer/Photo and many softwares installed on my mac and my pc and it works very well, also I have noticed my tablet works even better with the latest beta of Designer and Photo so I expect better with coming release and keep on increasing sync between eyes, brain and hand. A vertical mouse is recommended as it helps to lessen the risk of tendinitis which seems to be high with normal mouse. That was my contribution guys
  11. My case, I've been using Adobe products for few years only but found it to inspirational enough for me. Too much technical and getting too heavy like all Mercedes softwares out there (I like Mercedes cars but not when a software mimic the car). So I simply trashed all adobe products on my mac, kept InDesign for weeks but finally dumped it. Installed Sketch as a replacement of Adobe XD and it helped me to learn more about the Pen tool, I also replaced after effect I wanted to learn with HitFilm Express; it uses less memory as I found, it's free and they offers free 400 FX pack. The only thing I'm still fighting with is the print functionality, I don't know why but my works get really dark when I print from Affinity and also the PDF engine is not that okay for me. I save my work in PNG format and send them to an external level hinting company but have recently found that TIFF files created with affinity are of good quality (I would say far more better than PNG created from the same software). I'm happy with affinity and really appreciate the work peoples like @Bri-Toon and the guy from Design Art Studio are doing on YouTube weekly basis, They are great source of inspiration and work improvment.
  12. Arnaud Mez

    Affinity Publisher - Sneak Preview

    Really thank you for that, I never read about him before. So nice to have peoples like you around.
  13. Well Affinity Products have changed my creations, really. Pleased with the whole range of products
  14. Arnaud Mez

    Affinity Publisher - Sneak Preview

    So much pages for the same software. I believe Serif should make it very attractive even in beta version for the level of frustration to be dropped down. When is summer really ending? We are already in July so waiting few more weeks is not a bad thing. @MattP will Affinity Publisher work on a PC with 4gb Ram + 2ghz Core2duo running windows 10 Pro x64 version 1803? See it's not only a good thing to make a good software but it's better make it run on config with just enough resources, if it works well with that then those having monster config will enjoy even better and everyone will be happy at their respective level. Please make sure we have the link or live link ready and working for the beta version, so we can test it and revert back telling you how it works. I believe you have prepared something great guys! You rocks and have my support.