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  1. Hi @R C-R can you please share with both of us how you do that? This is new to me and can be a life saving technic for many. Thanks !
  2. Nice to read. Try and make sure you increase the dpi at least to 300dpi or more. To put myself out of troubles I always use 600dpi or 1200dpi when it comes to printing. Also ask the printing company what type of CMYK they are using. Have realized there are couple of different CMYK's type out there
  3. Would be nice if Serif could buy GraphicRiver with the winnings. It would shift the Affinity ecosystem to another level. This gents are very creative and Serif too, so....
  4. Hi @Boppa very strange as I never tried to print from AD but make sure you create a print project them create artboard in it. Also please study color theory and concept before printing. If RGB is okay, I would suggest you make sure CMYK is selected it's even safe to work that way. Other guys here surely have better astuces to fix this than I do.
  5. @Cheesmeet please considère toi select the option "save with history" It will generate a bigger file but at least you will keep all steps of you project And come back if needed. Don't know if its possible with photo but you should consider to check "continuous" along with export. Should be of great help in your workflow.
  6. Hi @MikeW I agree. Serif devs should consider a bug reporting tool that will help us to send bug report so the team will sort them knowing they come from real source. Question: the coming APub beta, will it be paid or free to try?
  7. Hi everone, I like this place. As we are all making ready for APub beta to surface this summer, there are sort of killing technics taking place out there. Proof below. Please make APub come with bug reporting tool so we can help you making it better. The thing I've shared is a killing technic to ID
  8. Hi @MEB thanks for your support. The projects is pixel not points and I never chose x1,x2 etc... It was a straight forward project with nothing hard but AD reacted differently, I then had to proceed differently. There is no big deal to me because I'm always trying new things but I just mind for others out there who can be discouraged with less than this case. On my side, project was delivered and the output issue sorted, so I'm fine.
  9. Hello Everyone on my side too i recently realised a similar thing. i was working on icon design for Android games to be released and found out that when exporting with the Export persona the size where automatically divided by 2. An artboard set to 114x114 was actually saved at 57x57. Couldn't understand this so i decided to make manual export using the "export" functionality in the file menu (not the export persona this time) and all went okay. then i came back and adjusted things to be saved to fit with "retina" and now i had 2 exports one at 114(retina) and the second at 57(normal). ... but i would like to mention this never happened to me when i designed a facebook banner, the size i put for the banner was the size i got when exporting with "export persona" ... so it was troubling experience but at least it's good thing of having two ways to export our works and it's really life saving ! Thanks Serif, hope you will fix it and even make it better for our convenience.
  10. Thanks @Mithferion Nice inputs
  11. Nice to read the last line. Serif is really creating something unique here. Will all 3 have the same file extension? Are we going to see more file format in the export box?
  12. Nice. Thanks for sharing
  13. For the time until the blend tool is released, is there a way to do the same kind of replica operation and have the same result without killing the keyboard?
  14. Guys, To me there is no vs. Simply do your pixel works with Photo and add needed to Designer project. Best teaming ever, no need to import just open and move on. Cheers!
  15. Guys ! Thanks a lot, you are of a great help. in the same time i was thinking if one of these days, Graphic Design tools will become Nodal or stay with Layers. Just asking myself in order to know if i have to prepare myself for knowledges and skill upgrade. in past days it was the same into the Network and IT world (i worked as IT Tech for 12 years) and the announcement then the coming of IPV6 was such an utopia to many i know a lot of IT who never converted or upgraded their technical to understand this concept who actually can't be promoted or even work in structured environment. So my question: Should we prepare for Nodes oriented graphic design tools to surface and take the lead or become the new way of working in Graphic Design ? or maybe i'm just a big dreamer and nothing like that will never come to life.