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  1. Awesome! I love the pastel colors. What did you do in Affinity Photo to it?
  2. I followed the sky replacement tutorial: https://vimeo.com/131644949 But my results suck! Please take a look at the attached and tell me what I did wrong. Thx.
  3. Weird, defringe filter worked this time. ??? Thanks for all the feedback.
  4. How can I remove the aqua-blue color from the window reflection on the jars? Defringe didn't work.
  5. I can't get a result in one of the lessons. Where should I post my question?
  6. Why are the Nik plugins sometimes ghosted (unclickable)?
  7. I got the AP app from the Microsoft store. Can I use it on multiple computers?
  8. I set the white balance in Lightroom of a RW2 file, convert to DNG and open in Affinity Photo but the white balance adjustment isn't there. It works if I export to TIFF but I want to work with the DNG. Please help.
  9. Does inpainting have to be done on the Background (Pixel) layer? Is there a non-destructive way of using the inpainting brush?
  10. Hello from the Mile High City. I opted for AP instead of the subscription-based PS and have been learning as much as I can. Thanks for the tutorial videos. I love taking pictures and was glad to see my lens (Leica FZ200) is supported!
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