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  1. honeyappa

    some problem with painting

    Thanks for the reply. The painting function that Affinity Photo has seems to be enough. i hope i use affinity photo for practical affairs. But the uncomfortable interface is very disturbing. Please consider the interface. Thanks.
  2. Hello. affinity team. Thank you for making awesome app. I use affinity photo ipad 2days for painting. But, I have some problem with painting. The use of undo and colour picker is too inconvenient and the painting time is too slow. I hope I can use colour pickers and undo easily. I think it would be nice if you can do it with a simple two finger tap or similar action like other apps, and a colour picker would be better to have a button in a good position to use when using a brush. The ability to adjust the position of the interface is also helpful. I'm sorry I can not speak English well. Affinity Photo is a cool app. Thank you.