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  1. I have updated Affinity Publisher to the newest beta, and I see that it now has a new icon (the change might not have been implemented in the last beta). I know that it is most likely going to get improved in the near future, but I really don't like it. I assume the icons of Affinity Photo and Designer will get changed as well when 1.7 comes out. I have always looked at the icons of Affinity products on my desktop, and thought that they were one of the most beautiful and well designed icons. I understand that every software is updating it's icons in order to match Modern UI / Fluent Design, but I truly believe that Affinity's previous icons were already simple enough for the new design standards, and they are not really based off of Windows Vista / 7's Aero design language, nor the Materialistic design (which I both actually like better than the Modern / Fluent Design language). Affinity's current icons are something truly unique, and as I said I could totally see them being used in a modern style user interface. The new icon also puts an end to the Affinity triangle, which became Affinity's 'trademark'. Here is a recreation of Affinity Designer's logo in .svg, which I made a while back in... well, Affinity Designer: affinity.svg P.S.: I have realized that the new betas of Designer and Photo have the new style icons as well. Also, Affinity Designer's new icon reminds me of Chromium's.
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    Affinity products for Linux

    Affinity doesn't work under Wine, but has someone tried using Proton (Wine fork by Valve focusing on graphics), or Darling (MacOS compatibility layer) with Affinity for Mac?
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    Affinity products for Linux

    Sorry for swearing, I got a bit nervous. I am not disapprove making money by selling things. If I did, I wouldn't have purchased Affinity Photo & Designer and instead would have used some kind of free image editor like Gimp or Inkscape, and if that wouldn't be enough I would have pirated (which I do not support and strongly disencourage !!!). I am also not trying to insult you, or say that your decision makers are stupid or whatever, no, I'm not saying that, sorry if you got that from what I said. Of course it's needed to have people in control who have experience in marketing, business, etc. and that's totally how it should be, however these people need to at least consider the opinion of people who have experience in the industry the company is making products or services for. Ideally, the decisions should be made by more people, some of who know about marketing, some of who about money, and some about the industry itself. This is how many big companies operate. Even Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla & SpaceX, hired a lawyer to ask for his advice, so that before he (Elon Musk) says anything publically about the company, he isn't doing any harm for the company marketing vice. Elon Musk is not a scientist, but he has at least a basic knowledge about how things work in the industries he's working in. He has the power to do (almost) anything with the company, yet he hired a lawyer to ensure what he does is safe for the company. This is an example how a CEO can work together with a lawyer, and this should apply backwards as well, so if the CEO is a lawyer or businessman who doesn't know too much about the industry, he could ask for opinion of people who do know about it. (As said, Elon Musk is also technically a businessman, but has at least a basic knowledge about everything in the industry.) I do not know how the actual company of Serif is built up, and I do not intend to harm or criticize anyone, or intend to change anything, but what I am trying to say is that you should at least let the managers (or whoever makes decisions) know that porting Affinity to Linux would be important for the industry, and be a thing that many people would want, and you could make good profit out of it.
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    Affinity products for Linux

    Ah yes... That's the problem! If companies had people in leader positions, who actually knew anything about the industry they are making products for, I'm sure we would be a lot farther ahead. The only thing holding back the industries is that that the directors & managers do not f*cking know about anything other than business and money. They are the same people responsible for global warming and pollution. The only goal they can imagine is how to get more money. This actually kinds of applies to politics as well, but I won't go into that here. I love Affinity software, but I absolutely hate how the managers or developers are rejecting suggestions that actually matter, and instead are focusing on unimportant things such as changing some of the nicest icons to some ugly flat sh*t. Please let the managers of Serif know, that porting their software to Linux would be in fact, be something that they could use to pull off huge competition from Adobe, and potentially be the BIGGEST!! selling point for Affinity. As said by me and a number of other people in this thread, porting the software to Linux would not consume too much time because of Mac OS being already based off Unix. Just for curiosity, here is a Strawpoll I made. Everyone, please click on it to cast your vote on whether porting Affinity to Linux would be a good idea. https://www.strawpoll.me/18141491/r
  5. I have to note that you can actually organize stuff and put it where you want it to be, and you can add and remove items from the toolbar at the top as well.
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    New Icons - PLEASE DON'T!

    Tutorial: Get the classic Affinity icons (Windows) I'm really disappointed in Serif for changing the icons. We are probably never going to get them back officially, but I will show you how to do it for yourself. Method 1 (Recommended) Right click on the shortcut for the desired Affinity program, and select Properties. Click on Change Icon... Click on Browse... Download the icon attached this post, navigate to it, and select it. Click OK on both windows. Restart your computer if the icons are not updated. This method doesn't break after Affinity updates, however it will only change the icon on your desktop, and not in the taskbar. I would recommend this method. Method 2 (Full) Download and install the program called Resource Hacker. (Note: This is a safe and well known program. The link I've added is the official website. You can check the downloaded file on VirusTotal.) After installing, you should see an icon for Resource Hacker on either your desktop or in the program list. Right click on it, and select 'Run as administrator'. Once in Resource Hacker, click on the icon and navigate to the folder where Affinity Photo/Designer is located at (e.g.: C:\Program Files\Affinity\Designer). Open Photo.exe or Designer.exe. On the left you can see a folder view. Expand Icon Group, and select the only entry there. It will be identified by some numbers. At this point you should see lots of Affinity icons at the right side. Right click on the identification numbers, and click on Replace icon, then Open file with new icon... After downloading the icons attached to this post, select them from your Downloads folder or where you've saved them. Click on Replace. Click on the icon to save changes. Close Resource Hacker. Restart your computer. This method changes the Affinity icons on the taskbar, as well as all shortcuts for the program. The icons will be reverted after Affinity updates. Using this method, you can also change the in-app icons if you spend a little bit more time on it. I might consider making an program, that will do this task automatically, in this case I will upload both the program & the source code to GitHub. In this case the program would replace the in-app icons as well. Thanks. Photo.ico Designer.ico
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    Affinity products for Linux

    I do seriously think that if Serif was to release a Linux version of Affinity Photo & Designer, they could really compete against Adobe. We have DaVinci Resolve which runs on Linux, against Adobe Premiere Pro, and we also have Nuke instead of Adobe After Effects, which runs on Linux as well, but we still don't have a professional grade raster & vector editing application on Linux. If Serif would really consider the time to port their software to Linux, which I can imagine wouldn't take too much time considering Mac OS is already Unix based, and most of the libraries are probably available for Linux as well, I do seriously think that they could pull of a huge competition from Adobe, whose software doesn't run on Linux, and gain lots of money and trust from their customers. By Serif not really focusing on releasing a Linux version, they are loosing quite some potential customers. I myself and probably loads of other people are stuck on Windows due to lack of software support. And although it's getting better, we are still not there yet, as many important productivity software, and drivers do not support Linux.
  8. I might try installing Affinity Photo & Designer on Ubuntu with Proton, when I'll have time and resources for it. I totally agree with you. GIMP is a very powerful program, in some areas it has even more functionally than Affinity or even Photoshop, but the interface and the whole program is made in a way, that it's really unpractical to use. Krita has implemented UX somewhat better, than GIMP, and I would say that's the best free graphics software. Actually, the same applies to almost all open source productivity software. There isn't a single good solution for music producing - LMMS is as bad as it can get, it always crashes, and after composing a really short loop, it started to completely lag - and no, it's not my computer, I have an i7 & 16 GB RAM. Also, video editing, the best thing I got was Kdenlive, which was at least usable, even though it doesn't have support for OpenFX plugins. It still wasn't as comfortable to use as Vegas Pro, but wasn't as bad as GIMP. The other free & open source video editing (OpenShot is one of which I remember) programs had not enough features even for my basic needs. I'm glad I was able to pick up Vegas Pro on Humble Bundle for $25 a while back. I don't mind paying for software, if it's worth it. That's why I've decided to purchase Affinity Photo & Designer as well, and I haven't regret my decision.
  9. Hi! I've seen on Twitter that you are going to implement this: It's been quite a while since (more than 1 year now) and I am wondering if this is still on plan, or maybe if it's even released. Also, I would be interested in the vector transform tool, I've heard that's going to be implemented in 1.7 as well. Are these current priorities? Thanks.
  10. Hello, I have downloaded the newest version of the Affinity Designer Beta. It looks promising, as more and more features get added, which Designer needed for years now, as compared to Affinity Photo, Designer is still quite primitive. I honestly wish the best for you, keep up the good work. However, I have a question, when it comes to using the free transform tool. I have tried it on shapes, text, and curves, but I can't seem to understand how it works. What I want to achieve is to fill a trapeze with text, so it looks somewhat like this: I want to do the same in Affinity Designer. Thanks for any help! Wish all of you a Merry Christmas!
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    How to use free transform?

    That's unfortunate, I thought that tool was it. The topic which you have linked is the one I was reading earlier. There are more posts about that this is going to be included in 1.7, is this true, and is it just not in the beta yet?
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    How to use free transform?

    Well, then what is the free transform all about in the new beta build? I was reading the forums earlier, and it said that in 1.7 there will be the free transform tool to do this, and the beta came out, now there is such an option, but I don't know how to use it.
  13. Hello! I want to basically make compound shapes in Affinity Photo. I can't really explain better what I want to do really, but I can show you the same thing, how I've done it in Affinity Designer. I would prefer a non-destructive way to do this in Photo. I know that it's possible in Photoshop, but it's probably in Photo as well. Anyone knows how to do this? Thanks.
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    Compound shapes in Photo

    After adding the operation buttons I could do what I wanted. Thanks for your reply.
  15. Hello! I have just purchased Affinity Designer yesterday, so I am new to this. I have watched some tutorials, but none of them seems to cover what I want. I have two objects, as seen on picture picture [1]. What I want, is for object [1] and [2] to share one side, like what it looks like they do on picture [2]. Now the side that looks like it belongs to both of the objects only belongs to object [2]. Therefore, object [1] is not a closed shape, and if I try to color it, what happens can be seen on picture [3]. Putting it one layer above does not work, as seen on picture [4], but it would not be a nice solution anyways. I want to be able to color both shapes to different colors. For this I need two shapes, that share the same side, or to copy that side over to the other object as well, and put the copy on top of the original one. So basically I want it to like what it's on picture [5]. Please note that picture [5] was done by editing the screenshot in Paint, and not in Affinity Designer, but what I am wanting to be able of is to do that in Affinity Designer. Thank you. Picture 1: Picture 2: Picture 3: Picture 4: Picture 5:
  16. It is a bit weird technique but I will try to adjust myself to it. Thanks.
  17. Okay, so I will have to create shapes inside shapes. This means that at first I need to make the a shape, which is the whole eagle, and than inside of that, make other shapes, which are parts of the eagle? Does this mean I can't work in any order, or am I getting something wrong here?
  18. Here is the file eagle.afdesign
  19. I have already done the beak with the previous method (the one where you put it inside another shape), however I don't know how I could color the head of my eagle brown. The pen tool is also for some reason curving the nodes, I want those to be sharp, and I have to deselect then select the node again with the node tool and switch to the pen tool to be able to have a sharp corner, while continously clicking on the convert to sharp button. How can I fix that? Sorry, but I am really new to this, and the tutorials I find do not cover these topics, only the really basics like where you can find the tools, etc. which seems obvious.
  20. You both talk about one shape, another shape in the first shape, but I don't want my second shape to be inside the first shape's borders.
  21. That would indeed work in this situation, but what if I want to do something like I attached to this comment. It must be just me being stupid and new to the software, I just want to draw a simple eagle. I have two weeks, if I can't achieve what I want, or can't work with the software, I might return it. But I think I am just being stupid.