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  1. The new illustrator now have this small window pop up every time u click on an object, where u can lock, hide duplicate,..etc. this really speed up the workflow specially on the iPad, but illustrator they don’t have it where you can change or add shortcuts. It will be awesome if affinity take this little bit further and make a very customizable pop up window, where we basically we can add anything, like keystrokes, styles,...etc
  2. Those 3 tools are very important tools. I always find myself thinking about illustrator just because it has those tools.
  3. Is it at least this year - sniff sniff ? Honestly this is gonna be big hit. I tired all the vector apps on the apple store, they all sucks, expect the assembly which has a very easy user experience but the app lacks lot of pro features. They are lot of people wish if there is a professional & user experience friendly vector app, unfortunately that is not the case right now... I’m very very exited for the Affinity designer. Pleaseeeee make lot of people dream come true
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