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  1. I bought Affinity Designer this spring and today I begun using it for the first time on a project and I came here to see how to simply deform a shape, because I couldn't find such an basic feature. My jaw just dropped.
  2. Thank you very VERY much for your detailed answer! You gave me some clues and ideas. And I totally agree with your quote. I'll give that a try. Thank you again. Did you made that drawing? WOW. Are you on any social media so I can see more from you?
  3. That's great! Then, as you have another tablet from the same manufacturer as I, could you be so nice and have a look at my recent post and tell me if you have the same issue or is just me? I would really appreciate it if you can test and tell me what you see
  4. Hi, I'm trying to explore if my Affinity Photo is good enough for drawing and, while it draws smooth line at the first glance, when I zoom in I can see how the lines are made of small straight lines and it's not acceptable quality in my opinion. It seems like the "read" ratio from the input device is discarded way too much in my opinion. I report this as a bug because other drawing apps I'm testing using the same tablet on the same Mac make perfectly smooth lines (without any smoothing tool enabled within the app). As an example, I share two screenshots of the same text drawn in AP a
  5. Hi @ChristiduToit, Are you using a Ugee or XP-Pen tablet maybe? Have you tried your tablet in other drawing apps? I ask you because I was having exactly the same problems as you in different apps and I found that a driver update solved my issue. I have an Ugee tablet, and I discovered that it was sold to XP-Pen company, and XP-Pen have better drivers for my tablet so I used that one instead and those jagged lines don't happen to me anymore.
  6. Hi, Same problem here. I'm using a 2012 iMac with Sierra and an Nvidia GPU. In my case it happens more when trying to export an image. It freezes and I see the beach ball and AP never recovers from that. I suspected about the drive, but I'm using a new SSD and AP is the only app with this problem, no other app crashes or show the beach ball at all. I suspect it can be something related with the pop up windows, because it happens randomly when the next action will pop a new window (like when exporting, or applying a live filter)
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