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  1. I've made an artboard larger than my artwork, selected the artwork and then using the Artboard Tool gone to Size and Selection (assuming that this would resize the artboard to the size of the selected objects), but it doesn't do anything. What's going on?
  2. Affinity Photo and Designer are not able to make vector paths/lines from a selection or to trace a bitmap image and convert it to vector. This is a real pain. Can I suggest Affinity spends less time on developing new software (Publisher and iPad versions) and more time adding features to the core apps that we take for granted with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.
  3. I've made a Macro. To delete it or rename it I should be able to right click it (ctrl click on Mac) but it's not working. I've tried clicking everywhere but no joy. I'm using AP 1.6.7 on Mac OS High Sierra.
  4. I have batch processed a lot of photos. They have been saved as .tif files. I have then had to work on a few of the original JPEGs and exported them as TIFFs. I hoped to be able to overwrite/replace the batch processed files, but when exporting Affinity Photo uses .tiff. This is bonkers. I now have duplicate files some with the .tif file name and some with the .tiff file name.  Surely AP should just be using one of the other - not both? See this post
  5. I have multiple shapes (curves) which I want to Add (combine). But when I do it gives me a weird shape. See below. First screen grab is uncombined, second one is combined. When combined the one horizontal line has been made into a triangle!!!!!!! I've tried using Add and Subtract three times. All three times it hasn't worked. This is a joke. CW glow C.afdesign
  6. I'm pleased there is a work around, but there really shouldn't have to be a work around for something so basic.
  7. Hi Thanks for that. How did you manage to do it?
  8. I have a ring / donut shape. On top I have a square, at an angle. I am trying to subtract the square from the ring, to create a letter C. But Affinity Designer doesn't seem to be able to do this. All I get after subtracting is a weird shape. See below: I've just retried the subtraction and it now works. I've tried a third time and again I get the strange shape. It is inconsistent. CW logo big C.afdesign
  9. That's strange. I've just tried combining two shapes and the same problem. And this is the first time I've tried combining. So two attempts and both fails. I get weird shapes. I'm following the tutorial video here: https://vimeo.com/153090767. I've made the "blood" shapes at the top of the page and then tried to combine the tear drop shape (using the ALT key so it is non-destructive). And it just produces weird shapes. Although after trying several times it now works and I can't now get it to not to work (I'd have liked to have posted it on here)!
  10. Hi. Yes the pie tool is great. Thanks for the heads up.
  11. Wow. The first boolean operation I need to do in Affinity and it can't do it. And it's the easiest subtraction. This really sucks.
  12. I'm coming from an Illustrator background (ditched it because it's too expensive). I love the way in Designer I can select my objects, then go to Export and 'Area: selection without background' so that I don't have to resize the artboard when making SVGs. But if I do want to resize my artboard to fit my objects, there are a lot more steps than in Illustrator. I've got to Insert a new artboard, the same size as my selection. Then in the Layers panel, move my selection to the new artboard, then delete the old artboard. It doesn't seem very intuative.
  13. I've created a new document. Made some artwork and now want to resize the artboard, to a specific size (which isn't the same size as my artwork). How do I do this? I've gone to the Help menu and followed the instructions: Selected the Artboard Tool, but how do I select the artboard? I've tried double clicking in the artboard, but just lots of green and red lines appear. I can't see an artboard in the layers panel. Perhaps this isn't an artboard, but a page? Do you have to make an artboard first, or does a new document come with an artboard?
  14. So if I create a new A4 document, this isn't an A4 artboard. There is a difference between a "page" and an "artboard"? Seems needlessly confusing. I've just tried this. Created an A4 document (and didn't select 'Create Artboard'), then made an artboard using the Artboard Tool. The original A4 "page" thing, then disappears. I think Illustrator is much better at this - less confusing - there isn't a difference between a document/page and an artboard. Thanks for your help
  15. If I change the Colour Format of an image to Greyscale, it looks much darker than if I add a Black and White Adjustment layer. Is one Greyscale and one literally black and white? Does this account for the difference? Thanks
  16. Hi. Thank you and yes you're right I should have looked myself. Thanks again.
  17. Thanks for the link. Can I ask the Black and White Adjustment layer - is that a bitmap: the pixels are either black or white (no greyscale)?
  18. I've just done a batch job and set the height to 352pt (and preserve aspect ratio selected). But when I import the photos into InDesign they are 84.48pt high. What's going on?
  19. Markeeee

    New Batch Job dimensions don't work

    Okay. Would it be possible to change this to a Feature Request - that any measurements are allowed?
  20. I have created a new A4 Photo document. Then using the Rectangle Marquee Tool selected some of the document. I then hoped to go to Edit > Fill but it is greyed out. So then I've used the Bucket Fill tool, clicked inside the selection, and nothing happens. I've set the tolerance to 100%, changed the colours in the Colour window and still nothing. I'm surprised that this isn't mega easy.
  21. Am I correct in thinking that the Flood Select Tool is the equivelant to the Magic Wand tool in Photoshop? Is there an equivelant to the magnetic lasso tool?
  22. Markeeee

    New Batch Job dimensions don't work

    Basically the only dimensions that work are pixels.
  23. Markeeee

    New Batch Job dimensions don't work

    They are big files and copyrighted. Can you try it with an image you already have
  24. Markeeee

    New Batch Job dimensions don't work

    Similiarly if I Batch job the images and put in 100mm hight, they end up 100px high.

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