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  1. This issue has been resolved by updating the driver of my tablet to the most recent firmware released on May 25.
  2. I am using the XP-Pen Deco 01 with the latest drivers. The problem with the creation of an extra stroke does not happen anymore when testing it again, but let's say I make 4 strokes, one Ctrl+Z will undo the last stroke I did then each stroke I want to undo after that with require two Ctrl+Z each needing 7 Ctrl+Z to undo 4 strokes . This does not happen in Affinity Photo, only in the pixel persona of Designer. It is also not an issue when drawing with the mouse rather than the tablet as 4 strokes can be undone in 4 Ctrl+Z.
  3. In Affinity Designer when using pixel persona there is an issue with the paint brush tool splitting its strokes into 2 sections if you are using a drawing tablet. It will make a dot or small stroke at the start of every stroke, the problem with this is that every time I need to Ctrl+Z a brush stroke I have to do it twice for each one. If I wanted to undo 4 strokes I would need to Ctrl+Z 8 times which is very tedious and gets worse with every successive stroke I want to undo.
  4. Yes, this is very annoying and needs to have the option to be disabled. I find it the worst when using a graphic tablet as using the hotkeys on the pen make this issue even more of a nuisance.
  5. Upon further investigation I found that this is due to vector anti-aliasing, but can be solved by having a small stroke of the same color around the shapes. Having to individually change the color of each stroke is very tedious, hopefully the dev team will eventually add a setting in the stroke options which automatically changes the stroke color to the fill color as soon as the fill color is changed.
  6. The snapping in Affinity Designer is so slightly off that it creates an infinitely small gap between shapes that becomes a dashed line of the color behind it and increases in size depending on the zoom, it is really annoying and does not allow me to have the shapes line up the way I need. prism.afdesign
  7. Click on the very top layer/artboard then shift click the one on the very bottom, this will instantly select every object then you can apply the same color, stroke, effect, or gradient to all of them.
  8. You can already do that, just select multiple objects at the same time and you can apply any of those changes to all of the selected items at once.
  9. What sort of improvements are being made for the vector crop tool? I'm hoping it would be possible to treat the cropping box like a shape, with the ability to change it's rotation, shape, curve, etc...
  10. For some reason there isn't any way to create an arc on an entire shape in Affinity Designer without selecting every node link one by one and changing the curve. If something similar to the Effect>Warp>Arc option in Adobe Illustrator could be implemented in the future that would be great.
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