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  1. JanickoSlniecko

    Mail Merge

    This is also a dealbreaker for me. I want to use publisher instead of InDesign but I just can't. I make journals with dates, names, moon phases.. I also make name cards for weddings... It would take like 1000 times longer using Publisher right now.
  2. JanickoSlniecko

    Data merge

    +1 for data merge. I make journals / planners / diaries, so for me it is essential.
  3. JanickoSlniecko

    CSS export for layers

    We need this so much.. Just look at Figma for example. The way Figma exports CSS is pretty basic, but that is all you need to position AD as an UI design app..
  4. JanickoSlniecko

    UI design wishlist

  5. JanickoSlniecko

    CSS export for layers

    I find this feature to be the most important for Affinity Designer to be considered an UI design tool. I need this very much. There is a way to get some of the attributes by exporting PSD and uploading it to assets.adobe.com but it is such a pain and it does not work very well. So basically I have to guess all the CSS values like 5 years ago before I descovered things like Brackets + Adobe Preview (Extract) or CSS Hat

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