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  1. I have a script with several letters that I need to combine and then stroke, I must combine them or else the stroke is overlapping other letters and does not achieve the desired effect. The problem I am having when Combining or Adding from the OPERATIONS tools the center of the Loops in the letters aren't being knocked out, except for the "o" in the word "Lord". I am stuck and I can not figure out what I am doing wrong. Please Help :-) Thank You! Please take a look at the screenshots below...
  2. Thank You!! Thank You!!! Thank You!!!! I see others have offered an alternate solution, but since I am not very clear about what it is just by reading it (That's always my problem, I need a visual/video) I will use your method Isabel :-) I am super happy and thankful to you Isabel for doing this :-) I think I could listen to you read the ingredients off of a cereal box LOL, you have a voice that is very easy on the Ears, Affinity should pay you to do all of their Tutorials :-) Thanks TO ALL of you who have offered contributions, tips, and solutions on this thread!!!! Greatly appreciative of this wonderful Illustration Affinity Community !!!!!! Happy Creating Guys!!!
  3. Looking forward to the tutorial Isabel :-) Thank You!
  4. Once you convert the Text to Vector it will revert to the same problem of an overlapping stroke. It's fine if you leave it as text but once you hit (Ctrl Enter) to convert it to (Curves) you get ....
  5. Not to worry my friend I actually have forwarded this thread to a person on youtube that does a lot of Affinity tutorials, her name is Isabel, I am waiting on a reply from her as we speak and hopefully she'll be up for the task. As soon as I hear from her I'll let all within this thread know with a post. Thank you again for your input and contributions to this topic. Much Appreciated!
  6. No apologies necessary RC, I do a ton of lettering in both printing and embroidering, so I know that this thread will come in handy again and again. I am a huge fan of a going over material even if I think I may know it already, the possibility that I may have missed something is very high. I thank you for being thorough. You are clearly great at being very detailed in your explanation and I urge you to do a video because based upon the responses within this thread there is a real need for it. The problem for me as an artist I am a visual and an auditory learner. Once you go beyond 3 steps in the written form I start to get a bit overwhelmed and can lose track of where I was and where I need to go. So 85% of the time I am going to get the full understanding from a youtube clip coupled with the written. It's just how I have always learned. So please do consider a youtube video RC :-) Thank You!
  7. Exactly, I def see this guys issue, unfortunately the issues for me begin when you add a stroke. The Stroke will be visible on the neighboring letter instead of the stroke finding the outer most line of the scripted text. I hopefully have found the solution as I have described above with the using "erase" in Blend mode.
  8. No Owen, It just stroked the individual letters and they overlapped each other, that wasn't the look I was going for. I liked your instructions for how they sounded, simple. Unfortunately, the didn't get the desired effect in the end.
  9. Sorry Bud, here is what I used from you, "Alternatively, ungroup the group and 'Divide', which will give you separate shapes for the "holes"." At that point I just found the holes or loops and selected them, then I went to the blend mode and chose "Erase" and it Worked
  10. Tried it, loved the simplicity of it but just did not work for me, if you actually can get this shortcut to work please make a video. So far using the technique described by Alfred plus using the blend mode and selecting "Erase" has been the only method that has personally worked for me.
  11. I got lost about half way through this one Alfred but I remembered that I can use the Blend Mode and Select "Erase" where the holes are and that did the trick!!! YAY! Thank You Gentlemen for your assistance!
  12. I have attempted this but when I convert to curves there are no "holes" separate from the letters, there are only letters.
  13. Is there not a way to just "tear" a hole into the "D A L" and just create new loops? For example, in PS I can just hold down the ALT key to drag an elliptical object to create a negative space in the existing vector object. Do we not possess a similar short cut in AD? Thanks Guys!
  14. Excellent! Looking Forward To it's inclusion!
  15. That's interesting, Can you point me to where I can find the 'Convert Pixel selection to Vector shape' feature in AD, thank you :-)
  16. graphxlord

    Vector Library

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just feel like I got a whole Brand New Program just now, BRO! If you could have seen the look on my face when I discovered the icon / assets list LOL, like I was 10 yrs old on xmas and I just got a daisy rider BB-Gun LMAO Best $50 I ever spent LOL Ok so the boolean operation sounds very technical but I'd like to give it a shot. Because if I am designing a bird that has like 200 feathers I'd much prefer they be on the same object layer especially if I am adding to my brand newly discovered vector library Could you point me to a tutorial? Thank you again! Loving this program so far :-)
  17. Hey Guys, long time PS user, 18+ years to be exact. I put off learning Ai for ever and when I finally decided to learn Adobe's business model pretty much put the brakes on that ever happening. To say I am disgusted with Adobe would be an understatement. I have some high hopes for Affinity Designer. I am glad to see aggressive and constant improvements to AD. After spending most of the day getting to know AD I was pleased that I could typically find answers either here or on Youtube. So being that I am here in the Suggestions thread I do have one MAJOR request and one Minor request. 1) A vector library that I can add to, preferably one that will recognize .csh files that I have accumulated over the years. Some from other users and some I've made myself. We already have the basic basic circle, triangle, square etc etc in AD but we need the ability to save new vector shapes for future use that is easily accessible. It would be great for the vector library to have an open source community data base so we can contribute and share with others. When I design a complex vector shape I appreciate the ability to save it and even improve upon it at will the way that I can in PS. 2) The ability to put two different / even multiple vector shapes on one layer. Making a new layer every time you create a vector shape can be hell when you have to comb back through a list trying to discover even a minor flaw. To me those two improvements would put AD in an advanced stage of development. I'd be willing to pay another $50 or even $100 just to have a vector library as an add'on feature. It is that important to me. Thank you and I look forward to growing with this community! CHEERS! GraphXlord
  18. Hey Love all the communication between users and developers, certainly a winning business model in my book, unlike Adobe. I read in a much older forum about a vector tracing tool that was in development back in 2014. I was unable to see anything more about it, what ever happened to that I do I actually have it and just don't know it, LOL. I just bought AD yesterday so forgive me if I am a bit behind but reading in the forums is certainly inspirational :-) Thank You!