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    Marcus Devaney

    I eventually figured what was causing it. I was using the OS grab tool to screenshot images then importing them into Designer. Once I figured out that it was Grab, I now import the screens into an Adobe product then export it back out again and this works fine for now (takes me longer though). It must be something to do with Grab and AF as it also happens in Photo. I could use another screen capture tool, but I quite like grab. Can you test this out on your end, to see if something I need to fix on my end. Thanks Marcus
  2. marcusdevaney

    Marcus Devaney

    Hi please help, Designer is my everyday go-to tool, and recently I have been having issues with the colour import. Every time I import an image, it looks washed out. When I then save this image and export it also appears washed out. I have played around with the project colour properties, but some far nothing works. Please help, hate Photoshop, but will have to grin and bear it, if can't find a fix to this soon. Thanks in advance Marcus