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  1. jkmorticia

    Automatic Page Numbers

    Has this bug been fixed? Having the same problem. July 10th, out of Beta
  2. Thank you! I've been searching off and on all day with little useful help. So frustrating. Now I need to see if I can find what you found. Is this for something newer than .384 for Windows? Maybe I should just wait until tomorrow for the full release. Ugh
  3. when I click the link above to download .399 it downloads a dmg file. What do I do with that? my version .284 keeps crashing. I think I've noticed that it's after I use Ctrl-0 and then start scroll through my pages.
  4. I didn't realize there was a different forum. I find these a very confusing way to get answers and help. I'll look for it because mine keeps crashing
  5. jkmorticia

    Crashes in latest beta

    Shoot, the .399 I found in this thread was for Mac. Looking for the latest Windows version please
  6. What is and where can I find the latest version of Publisher beta for Windows? I have .384 Is that the latest?
  7. jkmorticia

    Crashes in latest beta

    I found .399 and downloading. Sorry if my issue was an old one. thought I had the newest until reading this thread
  8. jkmorticia

    Crashes in latest beta

    When I open the book I'm working on, it will be random (different than the last time) images that are blurry. They are the exact same image as on 15 other pages that are clear. The crashes seem to happen as I'm working scrolling through the pages and just after noticing that there are blurry ones. I'm going to go open and try it again. Also, I'm using version .384. I didn't see a .399 version. When I downloaded from the prompt when opening the program, it downloaded the full Affinity Designer update. Where can I get the .399 version please.
  9. jkmorticia

    Crashes in latest beta

    I'm having crashing issues now too. I've been working on a 194 page book that has background images on the pages. Everything has been working great until yesterday. Now, I have random pages with blurry background images (the same images on other pages which are not blurry) and the program now just crashes/closes with no warning and no way to report.
  10. when I download this it ends up being the new Affinity Designer update. The current Publisher beta I'm using has started randomly crashing/closing and it has random blurry pages. I'm working on a 194 page book that has background images on the pages. All was working fine but now the occasional blurry background pic. Each image is on approx 30 pages. The blurry ones are random individual pages. Will I be able to open this publisher file in the final product tomorrow? And, hopefully without these problems?