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  1. Thanks for the replies guys... Food for thought.
  2. Are there any plans to add tethering feature to Affinity Photo? Phase One is ripping us off completely with Capture One upgrade prices. They need some serious competition to help them keep it real and if anyone could do it it would be you guys and girls.
  3. That's great, thank you for your reply... This is a big one for me as I often work with multiple documents in their own window and it just becomes a mess. Photoshops window arranging commands (Window / Arrange) {Attached} I think are essential for this type of workflow. If I am matching a bunch of files I will often tile them on the screen to compare and then cascade to have them all neat and orderly. Thanks again.
  4. Hi, does anyone know how to make the document window frame in Photo match the zoom as it does in Photoshop. I've looked around for the setting but can't find it. Attached are screen grabs of the same file in Photo and Photoshop. Thank you for any help you can give...
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