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  1. Hi Callum, I was wondering if you got my file to analyze?
  2. Thanks for the reply. It defiantly appears to be stray pixels, but I can't find them in the selection, only in the export. Tink_Logo.afphoto
  3. Hello, recently I was extracting a logo from a white background in Affinity Photo 1.8.6 and imported it into the latest version of Final Cut Pro and noticed some noise around the edges. I thought at first I just didn't look close enough when I masked it, but when I exported with black in the background it looked clean. I attached an image that was blowup so the overall quality is not great, however I placed the keyed version on top and cropped it so you can see a side by comparison of what I'm talking about. The left side has the image with the background included in the PNG, the right side
  4. Found it. There WAS as fill layer that didn't shrink with the background layer that took the entire canvas. Now I just have to figure out how to get this effect to work correctly and only use the pixels present on the canvas so I can use Clip Canvas. Good to know it exists though. Thanks again.
  5. Yes, I tried Clip Canvas but for some reason it stays the same. It must have something to do with the effect layers or something, I'll play with it some more and see If I can figure it out. Thanks everyone.
  6. Thanks for your suggestions, however I'm not getting what I need. First I tried cropping the image, hit apply and then Clip Canvas, and canvas reverted it back to the same original canvas before I cropped it. I then MERGED LAYERS, made a selection, copied and CREATED A NEW FILE FROM CLIPBOARD and the excess canvas was included. I even flattened the image and repeated the process and still got the same result. The image is not squared off like you mentioned, so it looks like the only option is to manually crop as close a possible to the edge.
  7. I just tried it, but it really didn't do anything. Does it need to be flattened first?
  8. Hello, I'm slowly trying to ween myself from Photoshop. It's only a matter of time my copy will not run on my Mac. One feature I often use is the ability to create an image, usually with transparency. I select all the pixels and crop the file from the selection. This gives me a clean file with no extra canvas space. I don't see that ability in Affinity Photo. Possible or should I request that as a feature?
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