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  1. I agree with eobet on this. Every image processing software I've used until today had the option of resizing an image by percents. I never had the need to resize by yards or meters. Apart from that it would be very easy to add rescaling by percent. It's been four years since this thread was opened. I have no idea why Affinity doesn't bother to add this feature.
  2. I would love this feature too. This kind of drawing vector shapes was always great in Flash. I've never seen this feature in other vector drawing apps, not even in Adobe's own Illustrator. It makes drawing with a pen very easy and efficient.
  3. Hi Leto, I miss this option too. You can resize percentage wise by adding an asterisk and a fraction after the pixel value, for example if you want to scale down your image (according to your attachment) to 50 % enter 1280 px * 0.5 in the "Width" field. Not very convenient but maybe this is helpful :) Cheers Marcus
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