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  1. This is a very interesting discussion as I have been asking myself for some time now how I could possibly replace Acrobat Pro once I've moved completely to the Affinity apps and a new Mac running (for the time being) Mojave. I – like others – have used Acrobat Pro mainly for preflight purposes and do so still with version 9.5.5 on my old machine running El Capitan. I rare but crucial cases it has also helped me with prepress specials like reducing ink density in some PDFs created by InDesign (you won't possibly think so, but you can actually output PDFs having 400% ink in certain spots with InDesign ALTHOUGH you're applying a color profile with a 340% max setting while doing so... strange things happen!). That said, I have been hoping there might be some 3rd party standalone app which might do those tricks and be reasonably priced as well – but looking through the posts here that may be a hope that won't be fulfilled any time soon (if ever, that is). 500 bucks for Callas PDFToolbox is certainly way too heavy – but it seems like it's the only app which does all the tricks you may need at some time when you need to pass on production safe PDFs to printers. Too bad, really...
  2. Yeah, to be able to blend shapes – at least with those options Adobe Illustrator has been offering for ages – seems like a must-have for Affinity Designer for me, too. I really don't want or expect Affinity Designer to become a fullgrown Illustrator replica or clone, as it has a fresh and original approach which I really do like. But on the other hand there are certain features or tools which are such useful and versatile timesavers for designers doing vector graphics that you just miss them dearly when they're not there and you really feel the program not offering them is lacking something vital. It makes it hard to love AD as much as I actually want to. Come on: even FreeHand had a tool like that and that's ages ago... So please, please incorporate that feature in a (not all too distant) future release of AD. Or maybe in due time offer some kind of API to enable third party developers to come up with supplements/plugins for AD that maybe not everybody using AD needs or wants, but a sufficient number of users will be glad to add (and yes: for a moderate fee, if it's worth it).
  3. Getting into Publisher lately I noticed that – like everything else – even the designations/names of the font weights (i.e. "Condensed", "Extended" etc.) are being translated as well when using the German language localisation for the app's UI. This may be well meant but for any designer with a bit of typographic experience this is utterly irritating! By years of daily use of any layout or design application we are so used to the "normal" english designations which – after all – have also been applied to the fonts in the font design software used to generate the font files. Accordingly it does make absolutely NO sense to suddenly find a font weight called "Gedrängt" (or other strange, in daily practice completely unusal designations) in the menu, while you're actually looking for the "Condensed" style you're expecting to see listed in the menu. I really, really urge you to change this behaviour of the Affinity Apps by expressively exempting font weight or styles from the diverse translations of the applications UIs. I'd really like to see my fonts and font weights/styles listed exactly as I see them listed on MyFonts, FontShop or wherever I usually choose to purchase them. Apart from this it makes collecting the actual font files used for a document unnecessarily difficult if the the (translated) names/styles in the font menus don't allow for clear and unmistakeable identification of the corresponding (naturally untranslated) font files. So PLEASE leave the font names and styles as they are (english) – regardless of what localisation is used with the apps ! Apart from that do keep up the great work so far and keep evolving!
  4. I wasn't aware there are other like threads as a quick search that I did didn't return corresponding results. Anyway, I love to see that!
  5. Ah yes... thanks I'd sort of forgotten... I even have the Nik plugins running in my AP. However, as you say, many plugins in Miguel's list are not yet tested or (unfortunately many interesting ones and/or the ones I actually own) don't work at all. As this is so I'd think it's all the more desirable to have a proper SDK for the Affinity apps which due to the close integration of the three will be intelligent enough to assign such plugins to their proper app(s). Also scripting addons (i.e. for Designer like open source "Scriptographer" was for Adobe Illustrator) would be highly welcome as they might lend a certain experimental "cutting edge" to the program(s).
  6. Sounds like this will offset the crop marks (when ticked) when exporting as a PDF, won't it?
  7. Recently I was wondering if it might be a good idea to provide some sort of "docking option" for 3rd party addons to the Affinity products. Effectively like plugins in Photoshop or Illustrator that is. In my opinion this might be a nice way to keep the basic applications (Photo, Designer, Publisher) lean and fast by concentrating on "nice for all to have"-things and of course (and first) on the absolutely essential must-haves (some of which are – regrettably – still not implemented after several years: like saveable interface layouts, something like "smart objects" or just being able to save/export plain 1-bit picture TIFFs – and possibbly some others, too). On the other hand special features, which may, however, be extremely sought after by or useful for users working in certain fields or with special techniques, could be provided by 3rd party developers and added individually without complicating the basic program for the "average" user. This might even help creating an even more alive "scene" around the Affinity products and make them even more the first choice for all those designers who don't work in big agencies with their (supposed) need for each and every program that's in the Adobe Cloud (thus possibly making the price to pay justifiable) . If I'm in any way "typical" there may be quite a number of designers who just effectively need 3 programs like those of the current Affinity "Suite" (plus perhaps a PDF-centered app like Acrobat Pro for certain prepress-checks and edits). These type of designers might be absolutely fine with just Affinity Photo, Designer and Publisher, but would be even more happy when there'd exist ways to possibly add special interest functions to those 3 apps from 3rd parties to streamline them for their very specific needs.
  8. I don't see any necessity to make this the default mode. In my opinion the "straight" geometric way – that is seeing rounded corners of a rectangle as regular quarter circles – is the purest way of looking at rounded corners. It might be a welcome option, though, to have the other way ("Apple rounded corners") as an alternative of choice.
  9. Yeah, please make this feature available as soon as possible – is there any scheduled release date for version 1.7? I just did my first a bit more complex technical design in Affinity Designer and I was absolutely dismayed when I (soon) discovered that I couldn't reposition the origin/zero-point to fit flush with elements already drawn (or with guidelines). As I'm really willing to at some point make the transition from Adobe Illustrator this feature (and some others – e.g. like instantly generating multiple precisely positioned copies of an element as with Illustrator’s "Effects > Transformation") are desperately needed. Finding workarounds to achieve the same results you used to do in seconds with AI is definitely a bit tiring – even if there are quite some things AD already did so much better than Illustrator right from the start...
  10. I totally agree that the option of being able to save customized workspaces is an absolute must have with Affinity Photo. When I discovered that you actually cannot do it, even after the update to version 1.6.7, I just couldn't believe it... Although I'd really like to switch away from Adobe it's not all bad what Photoshop (or Bridge) – and possibly other Adobe applications – have offered so far... Speaking of this I also do miss the option of calling that big color wheel (HUD Color picker) right onto the screen with Control + Option + Cmd + Click (Mac) – this feature should be in Affinity Photo as soon as possible, as well.
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