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  1. Skiphunt, it would be a no-brainer but for those in most of the EU, by the time you’ve paid for shipping outside the US and paid customs and excise, and suffered a weak exchange rate plus the commission costs, the total cost is more than double the price of the item. I might wait until a US buddy of mine can bring one over or if the situation drives me nuts I might take my chances. It is still good value for money but the sudden obsolescence risk is real, because we’ve seen it happen over and over with other 3rd party apps and hardware for Apple. Still, I’m very glad you brought our attention to an appealing solution.
  2. I worry about this, too. Which is why I if I buy one, I won't sell my existing Apple card reader, stunted as it is.
  3. Sorry, I hadn't seen your edit to a previous post giving the eBay link. I think I'm going to go for that, seeing as at least I'm covered if it goes astray, although I'll definitely have to pay import taxes. I'm wondering if it works with XQD cards, also, if I can connect the USB on the Geekgo to the USB 3.0 input on my camera? I doubt it. Any thoughts on an inexpensive way to get pics off an XQD card and onto an iPad without removing the file names and ideally being able to choose between RAW and JPEG are welcome!
  4. Skiphunt, I can feel your enthusiasm! I've just emailed what looks to be the manufacturer. The product page is here: http://www.geekgot.com/geekgo-sd-card-readermicro-sd-usb-memory-card-reader-adapter-viewer-for-iphone-ipad-android-mac---supports-lightning-micro-usb-otg-3-in-1-black-pid-7.html I asked them about distribution plans outside the US and even if there weren't any, were they willing it to ship to the United Kingdom, accepting that I might have to pay customs and excise taxes. Anyone who wants to add to the clamour for global distribution, the email address is geekgo at hotmail dot com I'll report back if they reply.
  5. Thanks, Lutz. Let us know how you get on. I could at least order it from Germany. Which are the Sandisk Expand drives you're referring to? Do they have the ability to insert memory cards? Niall
  6. Thanks, DM1. I think this is a great solution if you need to offload large amounts of data while in the field, however, for my casual use it is overkill at the moment and the extra weight/size is not welcome.
  7. Hi I'm new to APP for iPad and I'd like some advice please on workflow. My typical situation is I'm away from home, don't have a laptop and would rather avoid having to upload any unedited images to any Cloud service just so I can re-download them and edit them, then presumably have to re-upload them. I just want to send either an out-of-camera JPEG or RAW from my SD or XQD card to APP or at least be able to choose in APP whether I want to edit the JPEG, RAW or both (one after the other, to compare and contrast). At the moment, the Apple card reader does import the photos into the Photos App, though I'm unsure whether it's both the RAW+JPEG (my old iPad's Apple Photo app gave me no choice but to import both, even though it was only the JPEG that I could access). When I open APP I can see the imported photos though each has 'RAW' in the top corner and it only allows me to select the RAW file. I can make edits to the RAW file easily enough but when it comes to exporting or saving, I encounter the previously reported problem of Apple photos not importing the filenames, and so APP can't see them either, giving you just the default export name of 'untitled'. This is a huge negative for me and puts me off using it, as it creates problems later when identifying the original file for saving. Is there a way for APP to access the photos from my SD card by bypassing Apple photos, which strips the filename? So: for now, I would like to be able to: 1. Know whether what I am looking at in the Photos App is the JPEG or RAW (I assume it's still the JPEG that displays) 2. Choose whether I import the RAW or the JPEG to work on in APP 3. Like others, I would like to import and preserve the file name. I realise the 3rd one may not be possible for a while, so solutions to 1 and 2 would be great, for now. Many thanks