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  1. Gladysvs

    How delete the front images?

    Thank you. I delete them now when i am finished with it. But after i re install affinity photo, it crashes a lot. There comes a white screen. I had it before but not that mutch. Can i fix that? thanks for al the help!
  2. Gladysvs

    How delete the front images?

    Thank you DM1. I delete the app and re install it and it is gone, thanks. now I have space whaha. so everytime I saved a picture i must delete it ? Or can you choose if you want to save it there, like you can edit it again? I hope i am clear. thanks, gladys
  3. Hi, My I pad pro 10.5 is going to be full. And I know finally why. in the affinity app they save the files on the front page. I must delete them one by one. I have hundreds of them in it. so thats take me days when all of it is gone. I hope I have explained it well, and hope if you guys have an solution for it to delete it all in one time. thank you! Gladys