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  1. Currently redesigning the entire app. This new update will NOT be available in the app store JUST THE APPLICATION'S WEBSITE. Here's a preview (it's still a WIP) also will be free and open source. Just a project I'm working on by myself in my spare time. If you're interested in collaboration message me.
  2. Nothing on the website I can recall was made using Affinity Designer. There's no option it gives me to move the topic there tho. Would I just have to make a new post?
  3. Application Website: https://michaelsboost.com/Character-Party/ I wanted to take the time and share a new app I developed. This can be a handy tool you can utilize if you’re having difficulty coming up with an idea of a character to make. Character Party can be a handy tool you can utilize if you’re having difficulty coming up with an idea of a character to make. You can give it a try at https://michaelsboost.com/Character-Party/ This app is capable of generating not just millions but billions of different combinations of characters, job titles, moods and activities you probably would’ve never thought about combining together. Unsure what that animal is? No problem that’s what the hyperlink is for so you can research more of that animal for your character. This app among many others I developed is free and open source. Which you can view the source code via Github https://github.com/michaelsboost/Character-Party
  4. Website: https://michaelsboost.com/svgMotion/ Animator: https://michaelsboost.com/svgMotion/app/ svgMotion I love making vector animations but if you're on a mobile device currently there's no app out there that allows you to make tween based animations. Desktop users have Blender, Synfig Studio, Keyshape, After Effects. If you're on a Chromebook you have Animatron Studio and even TweenUI but mobile users have been left in the dark far too long. That's why I decided to build svgMotion! This isn’t a question just something I wanted to share with the community because far too few people know about it and I developed svgMotion a year ago. Here’s just a few gif animations I made from my vector art and svgMotion. And there’s this bounce reveal one I made inspired by James Curran. You can find more demos like the bounce reveal simply by opening up svgMotion and playing with the hubs at https://michaelsboost.com/svgMotion/app/#bouncereveal Now if you’re just looking for Frame by Frame vector animation. Then you should checkout SVGAnimFrames You don’t need to be a coder to use it either. I built a converter so you can easily import your animation and it’ll convert it to a gif animation for you. How’d you think I made the animation above? Time is money my friends.
  5. Back when I used Linux I would use Inkscape as my main vector editor. I still use it sometimes but it's just not as smooth and easy on a Mac (needs more mac optimization) hence why I went away from it. For image editing on Linux GIMP is wonderful but the downside is it doesn't support non-destructive editing. The only free image editor that has that capability that I've found is Photopea .
  6. In GIMP there's a Flip tool which makes it very fast and easy to flip a layer vertically or horizontally. I'm not seeing that in Affinity Photo aside from going to Arrange/Flip Horizontally/Vertically. I know I can do it with the Move tool by pressing Command, but I was wondering is there a tool that does this in Affinity Photo that I'm not seeing or is it just in the Arrange menu? (NOTE: Flip not Scale or Perspective Transform)
  7. App Webpage: http://michaelsboost.github.io/Cartoon-Avatar-Creator Android App: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.webdgap.cartoonavatarcreator Source Code: https://github.com/michaelsboost/Cartoon-Avatar-Creator Screenshot: Some character features were designed in Gravit Designer and some in Affinity Designer. The app is no longer under development, however, I always accept constructive criticism and wanna know what people like, dislike, etc: If you like this app you may like my Flat-Design-Character-Maker which is also available for Android as well. (Also contains more assets than this app)
  8. In the app Gravit Designer if you create path with a border with a width of like 8px you can right click that layer and select "vectorize border" and it creates a "Filled" color of that vectored path rather than a border. My question is how can I achieve that with Affinity Designer? EDIT: lmao nvm I figured it out. Layer/Expand Stroke (Leaving this up incase someone else has the same problem and can find the solution right away)
  9. This was my first photo manipulation in Affinity Photo. This art has a simple meaning, "Circumstances don't define you, you define your circumstances.". Stocks: Woman: pixabay.com/en/selfie-girl-wom… Background: pixabay.com/en/buildings-disas… selfie.afphoto
  10. One of my first creations with Affinity Photo. #stillearning Stocks: (from left to right) www.pexels.com/photo/man-s-bla…www.pexels.com/photo/photograp…pixabay.com/en/caribbean-man-g…pixabay.com/en/guitar-beautifu…
  11. Thank's everyone huge help. I'm still getting used to Affinity's way of doing things.
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