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  1. Yes I am aware of the experimental nature of trying to run the affinity suite on linux. The entire process confused me. I have heard of wine, but I have no idea how to use it and how do the stuff that was mentioned in that link that leads to the wine forums.
  2. Can give a step by step breakdown to achieve this because I looked at the link and I'm very confused about what the process to do this is. I'm a new linux user and have no wine experience
  3. I understand how to import and export and add items to an asset library. What I don't know is how it stores them? If I added 1 gigabyte worth of assets, would the affinity asset file be that big?
  4. Thanks for the response Walt. I hope it isn't true, but it does make sense.
  5. I have a huge library of illustrations, patterns, textures, and other cool images. They take up a few gigs on my hard drive. I recently discovered the assets feature and I think it is awesome. My goal is to add my library of resources into their own asset libraries, so that I won't have to keep them on my hard drive taking up space. My question is: how does the assets feature store the items? If I made an asset library of space images and they take up 500mb on my hard drive, is 500mb of my hard drive still being used up by the affinity program with that asset library or does it do some sort of magic that allows me to store gigs worth of resources into a few asset libraries without actually taking up a few gigs worth of hard drive space?
  6. Now I know. That sucks. I like Game bar because it is so easy to start recording something.
  7. I customised my toolbar and I have been having that alignment issue ever since. Any reason why it would do that?
  8. Whenever I try to align something using the drop down menu, the item will only align if I click the artboard. When I click ok, it reverts the object back to it's normal position. Affinity_Photo_2020-01-25_18-12-36.mp4
  9. It could be my drives because I have been facing some random visual glitches in other applications
  10. I have some vector texture assets loaded into Publisher and as I would drag them in they would start flickering. I attached a video. In the video I was randomly picking the assets and some of them flickered and some didn't. This was the first time I have ever run into this issue. Affinity_Publisher_2019-11-28_21-44-22.mp4
  11. I did a lot editing to the original file, so I dragged the shape into a separate document. Zoom Bug.afpub
  12. I use Publisher's Studio link, but this issue also occurs in the stand alone Designer app. I have multiple outlined rectangles that intersect to create this opening in the middle. When I zoom into that area, it starts to change. I included a video to better explain what I mean. Affinity_Publisher_2019-09-17_19-44-33.mp4
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