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  1. Eccentric Wonder

    Zoom Bug

    I use Publisher's Studio link, but this issue also occurs in the stand alone Designer app. I have multiple outlined rectangles that intersect to create this opening in the middle. When I zoom into that area, it starts to change. I included a video to better explain what I mean. Affinity_Publisher_2019-09-17_19-44-33.mp4
  2. Eccentric Wonder

    Zoom Bug

    Is this referring to the stroke?
  3. Eccentric Wonder

    Zoom Bug

    I did a lot editing to the original file, so I dragged the shape into a separate document. Zoom Bug.afpub
  4. Eccentric Wonder

    Grave Etcher Bug

    I just bought the Grave Etcher brushes and when zoomed in the brushes look terrible. I thought these were vector brushes, so I'm curious why they look like that.
  5. As you can see in the picture the Barlow font family is separated. I have other font families that are together, but Barlow and Teko (google fonts) show up as separate sections. This in the latest version of Affinity Designer from the Microsoft store and I'm running Windows 10.
  6. Eccentric Wonder

    [By Design] Font Menu

    I just tried it with Barlow Condensed and I got the same result. The family is separated and this was in Affinity Photo, so the problem could be with the font files or how the program reads them
  7. Eccentric Wonder

    Pixel Glitch Macros

    I just made this pixel glitch macro pack and I wanted to share it with you guys. I hope you like it and let me know what you think about it.
  8. Eccentric Wonder

    I Have A Dream

    Thanks Garry and no it wasn't intentional.
  9. Eccentric Wonder

    I Have A Dream

    I made this poster as a tribute to Martin Luther King Jr. and his "I Have A Dream" speech. I read and listened to his speech until I got what I thought was the perfect quote. I tried to keep the poster nice and simple because I didn't want to distract people from the message. These are crazy times and we need to remind ourselves and each other that we're all equal individuals regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, and all those other things that prevent us from treating each other with respect and kindness.
  10. Eccentric Wonder

    Overprint Patterns

    I made these really cool overprint patterns in Affinity Designer and I put them up for sale on Creative Market. Check it out and let me know what you think about them.
  11. Eccentric Wonder

    Free Textures

    I used textures in a very broad sense because I have uploaded weird abstract pieces that I just labeled them art. Anyways, I use two android apps Mirror and Chroma Lab to make everything on my pexels page. Each image is created from pictures that I've taken. It could a picture of a book that I distorted and warped into a scifi looking thing.
  12. Eccentric Wonder

    Free Textures

    I've decided to share free textures and some other stuff that I can only describe as abstract stuff. Its only eight images now, but my goal is too at least have 20 images by the new year. Free Images
  13. I decided to experiment with some brushes and I have faced nothing, but lag. I use a stylus (thank you touch screen windows laptops) to paint on some brush effects, but I have to wait for the brush to catch up to where my stylus is actually at. Its so frustrating because I have no idea what it'll look like unless I let the laggy brush catch up. Hopefully the video helps explain my predicament. Brush_Lag.mp4
  14. Eccentric Wonder

    [By Design] Brush Lag

    I just used one of the daub watercolor brush that came with affinity photo. No I don't get lag with the round brush.
  15. Eccentric Wonder

    [By Design] Brush Lag

    @GabrielM The document is actually 3600 x 3600 px and are there any ways to improve the render time because its hard to use the brush when I can't tell what it looks like because the lag has caught up yet.
  16. Eccentric Wonder

    Kerning Visual Glitch

    I'm not even going to try to explain it, so just watch the video and then read the rest of this description. Hopefully you watched the video and can see the visual kerning glitch. I've had that glitch happen to me on multiple files and with different typefaces, but it doesn't always happen. Ignore the upside down text, that's just the way I kern stuff. Affinity Designer 12_2_2018 6_45_41 PM.mp4
  17. Eccentric Wonder

    Stroke Glitch

    I made some rectangles, skewed them, gave a stroke and no fill, and when I move around zoom in or out on the shapes I get these weird little glitches. Certain parts of the stroke will be missing. Stroke Glitch.afdesign Shape Glitch.mp4
  18. Eccentric Wonder

    Stroke Glitch

    There's another bug. In the file there is a group of text and whenever I make a shape and want to align it the group I can't. The shape won't snap to the group's bounding box. I have snapping on and every single box in the snapping menu is ticked on. I also tried to pull out a ruler to snap to the group and it didn't work.
  19. The attached document causes affinity photo to feel sluggish and unresponsive. I try to move things around and it slows down the program. Sometimes I'll zoom out and it I tried to rasterize the image layer and it made affinity unresponsive and I had to close and open the program again. I did it twice and it happened both times. Along with the document I attached a video showcasing the bug. Affinity_Photo_11_1_2018_9_13_18_AM.mp4 Photo_Bug.afphoto
  20. Eccentric Wonder

    Slow and Unresponsive Photo Document

    I've looked back through the file and its not that much of a mess. The group that is unnecessary was from me trying out a few things and I forgot to remove it before uploading, but you could easily delete it. Regardless, a file like this should not freeze up the entire program. Its not very efficient.
  21. Eccentric Wonder

    Slow and Unresponsive Photo Document

    It really is a bit ridiculous that the file freezes up the program. Its only 3 motion blur filters and its the only artwork in the file. I've had documents with 10-15 artboards and each one had its own set of effects and neither of the programs freeze up. I ended up using the non live filter version of motion blur to be able to export it. The only problem I have with that is that I can't go back in later and adjust things.
  22. Eccentric Wonder

    Slow and Unresponsive Photo Document

    I can't even export it because it takes too long. I tried to merge the layers and it made the program unresponsive.
  23. Eccentric Wonder

    Vintage Affinity Designer Brushes

    I'm a pretty big fan of designcuts and the affinity suite, so I decided to look up affinity exclusive products on designcuts and I found this set of vintage brushes. I have no experience with them, but they look very interesting. Vintage Brushes
  24. Eccentric Wonder

    The Sun by The Sun

    The Sun is a psychedelic rock group from Southern California. They combine the surfing ocean waves of the Beach Boys with the psychedelic trippinesss of a mellotron. Its basically psychedelic surf rock, which is something that I've never experienced before, but I am totally digging it.
  25. Eccentric Wonder

    LC Macro Pack

    I updated my $5 macro pack. I added three new effects and I plan on trying to add a few more later. Please check it out and even if you don't buy it, I appreciate any comments or advice or questions. LC Macro Pack

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