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    Dispool reacted to Hokusai in The Siren   
    Just wanted to share my take on what was originally a Hokusai ukiyo-e print (Hokusai Katsushika, 1760 - 1849, not me). I'm sorry I can remember the original name of this print but I thought Siren was a good name for it (but keep in mind that is the name of my version and not the actual name of the print that mine is based on). I saw it somewhere on my travels and I snapped a shot of it but the print was not in very good shape so I decided to recreate it using Designer. While Hokusai is most famous for his "Great Wave at Kanagawa" he made thousands of prints and there are many that are just as incredible as the "Great Wave".
    Thank you for taking the time to look at my work,
    Hokusai (not Katsushika)

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    Dispool reacted to Zoltan Korcsok in Old Racers - digital painting   
    Old Racers
    Hi Affinity Community.
    My new personal work painted with Affinity Photo. I hope you like it.

    More work in progress pictures: Old Racers on Behance

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    Dispool reacted to Ros in Isometric Dub Siren   
    This is a DS-01 unit, manufactured by a guy named Benidub.

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    Dispool reacted to StuartRc in Crazy Tree Painting   
    Thought I would just share this one...took a little break from vectors 
    Created in AD pixel Persona at A4 (300dpi) with a little help from some texture brushes

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    Dispool reacted to VectorVonDoom in The Image I’m Submitting For 1.6 Promo, VW Golf GTI 1.6 (AD)   
    I was going to do this drawing in Illustrator but read about Serif/Affinity wanting images for their 1.6 promo material so thought I’d give AD a try for the first time. This will be my submission and it so happens the GTI had a 1.6 engine early on. 
    Hopefully any Golf aficionado will recognise it as an imaginary custom series 1 Mk1 Golf GTI (1.6l 8v) in Miami blue. It’s been de-wipered, lowered, smoked lights, chrome bumpers, no arches and some really nice alloys you can’t see! I couldn’t decide on the colour, either Mars red or Miami blue. Obviously went with blue but the body just uses a single global colour so easy to change my mind later. 
    All in all it went fairly smoothly, if you know Illustrator you pretty much know AD. Some things I really liked, one thing I really didn’t (I’m looking at you layers palette).  Overall it was fun and good practice. Never used so many gaussian blurs before.
    As it's bank holiday weekend I've a little time to go back to it and tweak it if I decide I need to.

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    Dispool reacted to VectorVonDoom in 1965 Ferrari Dino Berlinetta Speciale (AD)   
    “This is my Eiffel Tower. This is my Rachmaninoff's Third. My Pietà. It's completely elegant, it's bafflingly beautiful…” I think the last one I’ll do and post but it’s a goodie (well the subject is).
    The Ferrari Dino Berlinetta Speciale prototype was unveiled at the Paris motor show in 1965.  In my opinion the side view is its best angle, I can’t say that I think the front is particularly pretty. It recently sold for a ridiculous amount of money, over £3.2m/$4m.
    As I wanted it to be photorealistic what looks like a fairly simple drawing was plenty of work. There’s a lot of fine detail, like the vector textures I made up for the tyres and wheels, that isn’t necessarily obvious, especially at this reduced size, but if it wasn’t there then it loses some of its realism.  I'll probably go back to it in a week or two and see what bits I don't like.
    It’s also quite a large drawing, the full size output’s 88.5MP (11520x7680).

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    Dispool reacted to VectorVonDoom in Playing with polygons, Grant Wood American Gothic 1930   
    It's nothing clever and the polygon fad might have passed but it was fun to do.  Most use a very low polygon count and just something like a face but I like to make it more complicated for myself, not necessarily better though. I had already done a version but wasn't happy with it so this is my new attempt.
    A tip is to duplicate the layer(s) and perhaps add a tiny bit of blur to the background copy. That fills in the minute gaps between the shapes and the output's much nicer.
    Click on it then click "full size" and it's not so blurry.


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    Dispool reacted to VectorVonDoom in Jaguar E-Type Lightweight (AD)   
    I've been working on this for a few months and is the most complicated drawing I've done so far. I had thought about doing it before but knew it would be a ton of work, in reality it was about 10 tons, seemed never ending.
    I decided to just do the front half to better show off the engine but I could re-use much of it if I ever wanted to do the whole car. As before it's just the pen tool, gradients, blurs and blend modes, so anyone could do it.
    Hope you like.
    As usual click to open, then click to display full size (although the actual output's a lot, lot larger).


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    Dispool reacted to VectorVonDoom in I Never Had To Say "I'm Batman" (AD)   
    I wasn't going to do another but I have as they seem popular, my weekend project. I picked a really horrible quality image, like someone took a 100x100 and enlarged it. But, for the most part, it turned out just about OK (that's all the time I had and would look better cropped, if I'd thought I'd probably got rid of the hands, something for next weekend). I've include the afdesign file so you can view it, expand it (there's more to the image), improve it, have a laugh or anything else. It's for personal use otherwise I'll take my normal 99.99% cut. You'll see quite a few messy snapping points but they don't show up on the export. You will need to duplicate the batman layer and add a .1px blur to get rid of the micro gaps before you do export.
    That is his signature, I just live traced it in AI then added a gradient and some transparency.
    The image I've attached just has some Color Efex Pro film grain added.
    But if you want to do some low poly and also have AI then use that with live paint instead. You don't then need to create triangles very often just close shapes off so less errors, less cleaning up and generally quicker.

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    Dispool reacted to fatih11 in Live paint bucket tool   
    There is this tool in illustrator that is very helpful called live paint bucket tool. i use it oftenly to help me color my lineart. I know that i can just create shapes underneath the lineart but it takes a long time. IF this tool existed i will gladly transition fully to Affinity Designer