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  1. Agree. I want my hotkey to function the same every time. Don't punish me for hitting V while unknowingly already on the Move tool. Same with escaping the text tool. I just wanna hit "esc" once and be done with it. I don't wanna have to be aware of the text-selection status.
  2. Agree, this is a problem to be solved. The layer palette should be a last resort.
  3. I think the left and right studio panels should be scrollable, rather than adaptive to application height. The current expand/collapse-panel behavior is jumpy and requires too much precision. When you expand a tool, another collapses, making it hard to predict where a tool will be based on context (or where it'll jump when you open it). Then to reopen the newly collapsed panel you have to find and click a tiny hit target. It would be more efficient if panels stacked in a scrollable panel. Tools could remain expanded, exactly where you left them, at most a flick away. We've already lost far too many clicks! This would also address my concerns here: Thanks for considering this!
  4. Nice! Thanks for the tip. It would be great if we could speed up the "select layers" step. E.g., in Sketch, keying "enter" on a compound shape is the equivalent of selecting AD layers, but much faster.
  5. And to be clear, this is a 2-minute redesign that's pretty ill considered. Basically I just want to maximize my "studio" space.
  6. I do. I'm arguing that even the collapsed menus take up too much space.
  7. I'd like a more compact character studio so I can fit more controls on screen. One idea is to tuck all the advanced typography functions into a single drawer. Thanks for considering it!
  8. I would like to marquee-select nodes from all paths that comprise my compound shape. It seems I'm currently limited to the destructive "convert to curves" function if I want to achieve this. Thanks for considering it.
  9. Agree. It's always two extra clicks to get to Document Swatches.
  10. +1 I don't find this function helpful.
  11. I think this should be reconsidered.
  12. Currently when you click+drag to duplicate an object, it creates two history events: 1. The object duplication 2. The move transform created by the drag. Since click+drag is a single gesture, it should only take one undo to revert the change. This is especially a bummer since one UNDO appears to undo both steps, but the duplicated layers remain sitting invisibly (if opacity=100%) atop the original layer. Please consider this change.
  13. Thanks, D. I'm looking for a solution to scenario 2 that doesn't involve clicking the artboard.