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  1. I can understand (a little) if I try to think like a robot. But to me, a human, it's as simple as "what you see is what you (should) get." I never would have predicted AD's output in this case.
  2. (Facepalm emoji) Seems like this shouldn't matter but I clearly have a different mental model than AD. Thanks.
  3. See attached Stroked Line.afdesign
  4. Toggling the UI and Toolbar in succession causes the Tools to remain hidden. Steps to recreate: 1. With the UI visible, View > Toggle UI 2. View > Show Toolbar 3. View > Toggle UI The UI returns but the Tools remain hidden. Am I doing something wrong?
  5. Why does my dashed line change when I expand it?
  6. Incredibly generous offer, but I'm looking to be "taught how to fish" so I can handle this myself in the future. Cheers though!
  7. See attached for something I made quick in Sketch using the "union" function on two overlapping shapes. Unfortunately the illustration was supplied by the client and I no longer subscribe to AI. Thanks, Jeff Combined Shape2.eps
  8. Why does AD import "complex" shapes like this, with a solid rectangle masked in a custom shape? And is there a way to mass-unmask? My imported illustration (AI) has dozens of layers that imported like this (it would be insane to manually fix all of them) and it's preventing me from full-vector re-export. Is there a workaround for this?
  9. When I have a layer selected I'd like to be able to click+drag to simultaneously select and move a different layer. Currently select and move have to be separate actions. Thanks for considering it.
  10. I'm also experiencing this. +1 for improving this function. For non-complex shapes you can switch to Outline View for more precise selection.
  11. +1 Pretty frustrating. This example is relatively minor — I've experienced much jumpier — and seems to be caused by group-relative positioning (a function I don't find valuable). You can usually work around this by cut/pasting before regrouping.
  12. This is happening to me as well, and find it unintuitive and tedious to work around. +1 for improvements to this function.
  13. I think command+clicking a compound shape should select the entire compound shape rather than an individual curve. In other words, I think there should be a one-click solution to selecting a compound path that doesn't require the layer panel. Thanks for considering it.
  14. yeffdaley

    Type tool to Move tool Hotkey

    Agree. I want my hotkey to function the same every time. Don't punish me for hitting V while unknowingly already on the Move tool. Same with escaping the text tool. I just wanna hit "esc" once and be done with it. I don't wanna have to be aware of the text-selection status.
  15. Agree, this is a problem to be solved. The layer palette should be a last resort.

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