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  1. That's one feature I'm missing in Designer, a mode in which you can create seamless textures without workarounds. This would, I think, be a great addition to a already feature packed software.
  2. Currently the list of cameras supported by Serif Labs RAW is pretty outdated, and some not even recent cameras aren't supported at all, so maybe faster updates to the RAW engine would be called for. It is almost sad that many cameras aren't supported, because the engine isn't updated between the 1.6.x updates. Or other 1.x.x updates for that matter.
  3. PilleniusMC

    Faster updates to Serif Labs

    Sadly I'm also on PC and not Mac.
  4. PilleniusMC

    DNG and Affinity

    But, it is a DNG, an Adobe Digital Negative, which should work, because it is supported by Serif Labs, so a full convert should work.
  5. PilleniusMC

    Call for Camera Images

    I sent some RAW + OOC pairs, I don't know I they will help but I hope so.
  6. I see you already support the X-A2 and X-A1, so it would good to complete the set with featuring compatability for the X-A3.

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