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    webrockers reacted to Henrik in Zeplin.io integration/cooperation   
    I don't particularly need Zeplin as such, even though we do use it at work. But something that…
    Allow others to view designs without having to install software Allow others to comment on designs Download designs, and download exports. … is a necessary part of a design process. If you're a distributed company, even more so.
    Copying CSS is nice to have, but far, far from the importance of the above. The generated CSS doesn't tend to be that good anyway.
    With Serif commitment to Affinity products being non-subscription, this could potentially make business sense as a subscription based supplement, if developed by you.
    Zeplin integration provided by Serif doesn't make sense to me. In this case, exposing an API and making the integration a task of the third party makes more sense.
    Edit: This is basically what's keeping me from dropping Sketch. Dropping Sketch would be a great relief to me. The way Sketch does components might be a little bit more intuitive perhaps (although it's not that great either to be honest), but other than that, AD is definitely better in every respect.
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    webrockers reacted to Thetrip in Zeplin.io integration/cooperation   
    Zeplin plugin support would be awesome, or Affinitys own exporting specs system. I really like the new UI/UX features hopefully theres spec support coming soon!
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    webrockers reacted to Wiredframe in Zeplin.io integration/cooperation   
    If Affinity Designer would have it's own Viewer App or Service for measuring sizes and distances and copying CSS properties, we wouldn't have to rely on PSD exports anymore. My workflow is like: Designer (Illustrator until I switched) >> PSD Export >> Avocode / Zeplin. 
    It would be so much better if it was Affinity Designer >> Affinity Viewer.
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    webrockers reacted to TonyB in Two Questions About Affinity Publisher   
    Work started on Publisher 6 years ago with the team now being larger than the Photo and Designer teams.
    It just takes that long to write good applications.
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    webrockers reacted to TonyB in Two Questions About Affinity Publisher   
    The answer is very simple. Not enough people and we haven't found any new ones yet. 
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    webrockers got a reaction from Leigh in Weird corner behaviour on .PDF .EPS export   
    Hi Callum,
    And ... it works. Didn't see those double nodes. I am wondering how this could happen. 
    Thank you for your time and the solution.
    Best wishes and take care
    I declare this Q resolved.
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