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    Can someone help me out

    I was having a similar issue with the flood the lol not selecting appropriatly. Last time I tried it's still not resolved. I'm thinking theyre more focused on designer so photo has a backseat.
  2. So I think you’re right on the money Here. When I use the magic wand it works fine. But when using the color sampler The only way I could make it work was to then give a run over with the smart selection brush tool to make it truly deselect the sky in certain parts. Very odd IMO.
  3. Okay awesome! I’ll give that a go right now !
  4. So I fully appreciate you finding a way that works. I guess my question was more geared towards having the “select sampled color tool” work versus finding a different way. If that makes sense. I am trying to learn to navigate this program and I’m trying to figure out if there’s something about using the SSCT that I’m missing to select the range in the way I’m accustom to with other editors.
  5. I thought that might be an issue as well. I tried the refine selection tool but it showed the whole canvas as selected. Any idea how to properly select the tree only?
  6. This may be a better example of the issue. So it PRIMARILY affects the selected area but is still putting shadowing over the unselected area
  7. Here’s a screen recording of my issue 4DB8F49E-EF4B-4260-A82E-3A97E8528A67.MP4
  8. I'm on the 12.9 iPad pro 2nd gen. I load the image attached to try and use as a learning tool. My goal is to select just the tree and use the brush tool to paint on a color overlay. However Everytime I do this the brush tool affects both the tree and the sky. My process so far has been. Open image. Use in painting to remove some stray black dots. Use the option in the selection persona to select by color of sky. Adjust range to fill out sky only and click the check mark to select. Now my selection is perfect so I invert and move to the photo persona I choose the paintbrush. Lower to opacity and start brushing and it effects the entire image. I tried creating a mask layer from the selection but this hides the sky. I researched the selection refinement tutorial and I suppose I must be missing something.