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  1. I did not get the idea how to attach new file, so I've attached the file here. correct_scale.afdesign and it was mistake in my first message. the size of original file is not 150-200 mm... it's about 150-200 cm... (much bigger) sorry about that.
  2. Hello Lee. thanks for an answer. I'll PM this file to you. but the file is much bigger than A4 and I need to understand how to get multiply A4 pages to fit them all to this size...
  3. Hello, I have .pdf file (which was converted from HP plotter's .plt format ) with one big vector image. I need to print this drawing to A4 papers and I need to get exact the same size. PDF-file is relatively big (about 150 x 200 mm) and probably it will takes about 15-20 pages in A4 format.. I've created empty Affinity Designer's file (150 x 200 mm) and dragged pdf to Affinity's window. Then, I've turned the Grid on and resized the image to get the size what I need. I have one test-square (5 x 5 cm) on the image which helped me to get the correct size in Affinity. Now I need to print it but I have 2 problems. 1. How to print this file with correct sizes, in order to get the same 5 x 5 cm square on the paper? (when I try to print I can see only one page which hold she whole document) 2. How to split this document into several pages and re-save it to multipage .pdf where each page will be the part of an original image but in A4 format page? Many thanks. Probably Affinity Designer is not the best solution for this purpose but it was the only software which I have where I was able to resize the image properly.