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  1. Any possible solutions to my problem? Applications are working fine after initial freeze after using single tool. Is it possible to report my logs or something to analyze for a problem source?
  2. FCP and Motion alternatives for Windows from Serif would be something I would buy for sure. Even with lack of same performance, just same design process, look and development route Serif do.
  3. I am using newest Windows 10, also updated/non-beta version of affinity suite. Problem is constant and makes my app freeze using crop, selection tool, no matter what. From what I could saw this makes my whole system goes crazy for these few second. My spec is i9 9900k 16Gb RAM RTX 2060
  4. Hey, After a long period of time my Affinity applications started to freeze whole program all together after fresh start. Freeze last for like 10-15 seconds and then application works fine. I cannot pair this problem with any other thing that I'v done on my Windows PC. Anyone had same problems in current or previous versions of Affinity?
  5. I agree, more software from Serif so they would own the market for people like me, who wont pay for Adobe anymore.
  6. I would love product like this too. I am looking for alternative to Premiere Pro but nothing is close to it :(.
  7. I would like to bump this thread and tell everybody that I can also help to translate Affinity to Polish. I'm not a professional in this but as a HUGE fan of the suite it wouldn't be a problem to help.
  8. Hey, I have some duplicate download orders on my account for freebies that were posted in welcome screen. I'v forgot that I have downloaded them before and now I have two of same thing making my product list cluttered and pushed my paid content far down the list. Is this possible to delete duplicate orders and in future make unable to download same order twice? Also having other list for paid and free conent would be nice too.
  9. Sorry for using old thread, but I would like to know how Affinity Designer and Photo 1.7 work with Huion 1060p. I am looking for begginer's tablet, and I want to know if there is any good alternative to this for me right now in 2019.
  10. Closing curve also fix my problem, thanks! It's just weird this abomination appeared out of nowhere.
  11. Even deleting one node from middle of the biggest shape makes Add Operation works fine. What is the problem here? Does this shape must be connected in some shape or form? #Edit Is this a Bug or something specific appear in my situation?
  12. Thanks for the answer however from video that I was recreating this Add operation worked just fine with same amount of extra nodes in main shape of a phone. Deleting some nodes are going to distort main shape and wont be same as Adding everything with Add Operation.' #Edit From what I see I have to delete just few nodes from biggest shape and Add Operation works fine.
  13. Hello, I am working on tutorial found on web but I meet the problem with Add operation. I can't add 3 shapes to make a flat phone icon. After trying to use add operation my shapes vanishes and I don't understand what I am doing wrong here. I attach a afdesign file for this icon. phoneapp.afdesign
  14. Subsribed, I hope you will post more interesting videos.
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