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  1. Bobi

    New Udemy Course Creating Badges and Logos

    I will give it a try one day
  2. Closing curve also fix my problem, thanks! It's just weird this abomination appeared out of nowhere.
  3. Even deleting one node from middle of the biggest shape makes Add Operation works fine. What is the problem here? Does this shape must be connected in some shape or form? #Edit Is this a Bug or something specific appear in my situation?
  4. Thanks for the answer however from video that I was recreating this Add operation worked just fine with same amount of extra nodes in main shape of a phone. Deleting some nodes are going to distort main shape and wont be same as Adding everything with Add Operation.' #Edit From what I see I have to delete just few nodes from biggest shape and Add Operation works fine.
  5. Hello, I am working on tutorial found on web but I meet the problem with Add operation. I can't add 3 shapes to make a flat phone icon. After trying to use add operation my shapes vanishes and I don't understand what I am doing wrong here. I attach a afdesign file for this icon. phoneapp.afdesign
  6. Bobi

    Meet the Chan - Smarty Studio Yt

    Subsribed, I hope you will post more interesting videos.
  7. I am learning from their written tutorials, they are not perfect but for sure will check this video!
  8. Tutoriale po polsku jak najbardziej na +. Pozdrawiam
  9. Sorry for sticking to this topic but I have a question. Huion tablets working fine with Affinity software? Most people praise Wacom tablets only. Huion prices are much more bearable for begginer like me.
  10. Thanks for your time and answer. There is image render tutorial is using. My image is with transparent background too, only showing the bear creature. Before smudging he used this kind of placement and then just simply smudged it to make a background. I try to recreate it in Affinity Photo. I linked 3 images in this post uder the text to avoid attaching big files. EDIT: Thanks for the video, looks like Affinity use other name for a tool I have to use. Smudge brush tools makes different effect then I intend. I will work around with Paint Mixer Tool now, thanks once again :).
  11. Serif Video editor with Adobe Premiere capabilities and Affinity touch would be great .
  12. I just simply copied render few times, moved images all around, grouped them, marged visible and then I used Smudge Brush Tool with lower than half strength smooth brush. bear.afphoto
  13. Hello, I am following a specific photoshop tutorial for a videogame type signature image for forums. I try to translate it to Affinity Photo but I am stuck. I need to smudge few copies of render image to make background. When I try to use smudge brush tool in AP after selecting duplicated layers in my project, copies become half transparent instead of "blured and stretched". I would like to create effect like in first attached image from tutorial. Second image with a bear creature is what happens when I try use smudge brush tool in AP and stretch the background.