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  1. dkalachov

    iOS App Icon Template

    Thank you, @Steven Westmoreland!
  2. dkalachov

    When symbols feature will work as it should?

    @A_B_C The "Share crash reports with developers" checkmark is enabled on my mac How to reset the app completely?
  3. dkalachov

    When symbols feature will work as it should?

    Hi MEB, Thank you, nice to be here So when the fix will be ready? I bought AD software to work in it, not because of charity or something. Product page says that I can use it for UI/UX, my experience shows that I can't even in simple cases. I literally can't design basic UI for my app (I don't have time to provide video for every crash I'm experiencing). If this bug is fixed in beta, please provide me access to beta.
  4. Hello, The symbols feature is completely unusable. As I see by other posts it was released in like pre-alpha state. You just can't use Affinity Designer for UI/UX without it. Please see attached video of one of the various bugs your QA for whatever reason was unable to find. The question in title is not rhetorical. ad_symbols_bug.mov
  5. dkalachov

    Bug when adding symbol

    Hello, First of all, Serif have good marketing team, I really appreciate work that has been done by it. When it to comes to QA... I think we users are the QA. That's the reason of such a good price. I made a video showing the bug. Often AD will crash with inability to restore my work so I trained to Cmd+S after every tiny change! To be honest, I would just request money-back but I already bought the workbook so I'm looking forward for 1.6.1 version. Sincerely, Affinity Designer 1.6.0 (App Store) compelled beta tester. ad_bug.mov

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