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  1. Thanks for the reply John! I require these measurements similar to the OP. Which means we need to see accurate measurements as we adjust many complex paths on the screen. So the 4 steps you mention above would turn into a high multiple of 4 as we design, export, script, adjust, export, script, adjust etc... I didn't mean to make too much work for anyone. I just assumed(maybe incorrectly) the software needs to do these calculations in its code anyway. So would it be too difficult to display these measurements to us in the GUI like AI does? Thanks
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    Measuring tool

    +1 Yep still waiting...
  3. Hi MEB, Any update as to whether this is in the pipeline? I would think that AD is doing all the measurements in the background it just needs to be displayed somewhere in the UI? It's disappointing that this feature has been requested for a couple of years now. It is a crucial tool in many people's workflows that keeps them chained to Adobe. Love the product and just want it to be the best! Thanks for any updates!
  4. Yep still waiting on this feature as well. Has been documented elsewhere here. Although there is a cumbersome workaround, it goes to show that the software is capable of measuring paths and just requires a bit of front-end work to show the users. It's the only feature keeping me from recommending AD to others...
  5. Not so easy for complex curves... still hopeful for an update.
  6. Yep v1.6.1 and still waiting for this. It's sound insane, but my current workflow means I design in Affinity and then measure in AI. So I'm paying Adobe to be able to measure my paths... Please add path measurements if only to help me break the last chain from CC subscription sentence. : )
  7. Hi. Just wondering when this feature is coming. It's really the only reason I'm sticking to CC Illustrator. Cheers.