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  1. Hi, Is it possible to edit entire text in text frame just by selecting frame, not to double click, then select and then edit? ---------------------- Best regards Aleksander Tymczenko
  2. Ok, thanks for answer. Looking forward for final release :) Best Alex
  3. Hi First I love Affinity Designer, best vector app I ever used. 1. When I tried some effects (using blur + stroke on vector obgect I did and up with this: http://monosnap.com/image/KktDb9HaDZKqElDueWcJJFfr3Ot2JT) Is it normal? 2. Is there any limitations to open PSD files? In previos version was not able to open one psd, but did opened in todays release, colors was very Different from Photoshop, tried change color profiles but it did not help. Good luck with your great work. Can't wait to buy this cool app :) ---------------------- Best regards Alex

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