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  1. No it isn't. Even it is supported in .Net Core 3 years passed and any news?
  2. Yes, audio is birds sing. :) Ok, perhaps ask devs from audio plugin will be better idea as trying guess. But it take same time (it is not my num. one priority and dont have much time), after I get answer I write it here.
  3. I hope pictures are selfexplanatory. unfortunately I don't know if it is log to linear scale. Is Equation filter inside Desginer too?
  4. I don't know how to call it, it is very special , It is possible in Affinity Designer or Photo resize image like in pictures? From Original in to Stretch. As you see, size of image is same, only inner content is changed from shrink to stretch. If it is not possible in Affinity, is there some program which can do that? The behaviour can be described as cca half size (down area) of Original image is shrinked down in to Stretch image and upper half size of image from Original is stretched in to cca 80% in to Stretch image. I think it is non linear stretch it is based on audio manipulation. Btw. those pictures are form audio plugin where you can see audio in Hz (Original) or in Oct (Stretch). (octaves probably). It is analyzed audio.
  5. any news about xaml exporter? I think it will be great have xaml exporter in Affinity.
  6. Yes, that is I am doing it now. Thanks, I didn't know about this workaround. I think it would be good to have second bounding box (as option turn it on / off) for text which is fixed in "base line".
  7. When I have two texts like this: "123456" and then "yay" and select this two text and want arrange it vertically to the some object with align bottom, they are aligned good but text with special characters, because text have some base line and there are characters which are out of this line (ypj... they are below). I mean when text like "123 abc..." it is ok, but when I write "yjp" and other signs which are extra sized (I am sorry, don't know describe it in english), because their base is lower then others, then text is aligned higher then other text without this extra characters, because bounding box take the extra sized characters. Question is, is there posibility change the bounding box to the base text line?
  8. I was redirected here from my topic. I didn't read everything in discusion, only Bens post, and din't find what I want to write (if I didn't overlook something). I hope in next update will be snap to grid for node handlers while handler is draged. I mean handlers for make straight line in to curve. Another option is make symetry options for handler. That means, opposite handler will have same lenght as edited. If you don't understand what I want say, I can provide pictures or video. Here is my thread:
  9. Thanks, I know about this, but it is not same. You must allways set up secon handler. This is twice job. With my option, you change only one handler. Now for simple things it is ok, but when you must edit lot of curver with it, my request is for speed up work, in my oppinion.
  10. I hope in next update will be snap to grid for node handlers while handler is draged. I mean handlers for make straight line in to curve. Another option is make symetry options for handler. That means, opposite handler will have same lenght as edited. If you don't understand what I want say, I can provide pictures or video.
  11. I purchased A Designer today and I like it, but there are some feature which are missing. 1. Grid button on main panel with show / hide option, and another grid button to switch between custom and automatic grid. And third button for show up menu for Grid and Axis manager. (and I thing for others will be good too, guides, rulers and margins) 2. Layers section: Lock buttons next to show / hide buttons for each object (layer, curve, artboard, etc..). And it can be show / hide (this lock buttons) under option somewhere. 3. Color group or something like that, where many object can have one color, which I can change later. Idea is, instead selecting all object with same color, I only go to the Swatches, and change the existing color and it affect all object tied in to this color. Good for change color for Icons or some different objects with same color. 4. Allow edit Styles. And this can be used for point 3 for example. If some objects use style, and user edit style it affect all object tied in to style. 5. New option for RadialGradient, I called it GradientOrigin (from xaml). It move only centre of radial gradient and everything else is not move, only gradient is changed in to centre. I upload picture how it is look.
  12. But there is question, for what is autoscroll? I think it is not working as expected (or I overlook something?), because Autoscroll do nothing if it is checked or unchecked, even if all objects are not under layers and group. Only SeanP workaround is working ('Show Selection in Layers Panel' under Preferences).
  13. Aha, thanks, it is now working as expected. It is bug or why only for custom grid? Another question is, is there button for show grid? I can't find, only under menu View > ShowGrid. It would be helpful to have grid button for display it, and with options to switch between custom and automatic.
  14. I tried many settings under snap settings and if snap to grid is enabled, it allways is same snapping - it snap to between grid points and on the points and it doesn't matter if all settings except snap to grid is turned off or on. How to make snap in to only points?
  15. Thanks, fortunately I have most artboards without decimal.
  16. Thanks for explanation. Is there future plans to support decimal values (positions and size) for artboard? I think it will be very helpful for not pixel based formats, like svg etc..Now I must reposition each button etc.. and resize each artboard which don't have integer values.
  17. Hello I use A.Designer Trial. I like the artboard, but I have problem with it when exporting. I have created UI in Inkscape, then I open the document in Designer and create artboard for export. This is how my ab(artboard) are organized: - main ab for whole document - inside main ab I have for each icon, button or graphic element individual ab for example - main document (artboard) |- layer1 |- - ab1 (artboard) |- layer2 |- - ab2 (artboard) etc.. problem is, when I switch to ExportPersona I can see the some frames have bigger size then ab. For example I have ab with 40x40 but frame have 41x40. I discover every this problem appear only when ab have position xx,45 or xx,98 in px. In ExportPersona the xx,xx is changed in to xx for example from 122,45 is changed to 123 or 122. Same for the size, if some ab have 80,45x80,61 then frame is rounded in to 81,81 size. It is looks like frames have own coordinate system which are connect to pixels? I want export svg graphics and I think exporting icon with size 45,499x48,788 is ok, there is no need to have frames tied in to pixels. Another strange problem is, when I switch document units from pixel to points with 2precision, frames coordinates are exact as ab, but it still create "one pixel" bigger frames as ab. Exported graphics have same size as frames. Is it bug or I am doing something wrong? Is there some option to have frames exact coordinates and size as artboard?
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