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  1. We are printing labels to a LX900 label printer, and when sending a print job with multiple copies, the printer will only print one copy. We just started using affinity, so it's not worked at any point for printing. Previously on Drawplus with same printer and not this problem.
  2. Hi - great news. I used the command switch you had set up for testing, and have setup a desktop shortcut to open Designer with the switch. The multi printing now works: "C:\Program Files\Affinity\Affinity Designer\designer.exe" --printmode1 Yay!
  3. Unfortunately, no, I have installed the beta, and the print jobs only deliver one copy at a time, even if multiple copies are sent in the print job. For example, I tried to print 3 copies, but only 1 will print.
  4. Hi There - we've been patiently waiting since November for an update to this printing problem. Is there any progress? Thanks!
  5. Hi Adam, Thanks. We have all our documents in Affinity Designer, so we're looking forward to getting the update in 1.7. What is the timing on this? We are coming up on our busy holiday season, so streamlining this printing issue is very important.
  6. Here is 2nd attempt Affinity Log 2.txt
  7. Hi Adam, I have updated Publisher Beta, and run the program with the switch you advised. I printed 3 copies, and it worked correctly! I received 3 copies from the LX900. I have pasted the log file and received the attached file. Please let me know if this is not correct. Thank you! Affinity Log.txt
  8. Sure thing. Here is the link to Primera LX900 print driver v 1.07 and PTStatus Monitor v1.2.8. We use the PC version. https://www.primera.com/lx900#software-target
  9. Ok, I understand. I downloaded the beta version of publisher, created a file, selected to print 3 copies, and unfortunately, it only printed 1 from the print job. It is behaving just like Affinity Designer. I attempted a couple different things, but the result was the same - only one copy printed from a multi copy print job.
  10. I agree with you regarding the CorelDraw, but I have tried multiple times with Primera and they can't provide any further assistance. I will appreciate you adding a work around. We really need to get this resolved as it's slowing down our daily production of coffee labels (and you know how people get when they don't get their coffee!).
  11. What's the timing for the release of the 1.7 beta? Also, I'm not really interested in yet another new program (publisher). It took us months to rebuild files from Drawplus to Affinity. We'd like to see Affinity working as I think it should - allowing us to print multiple copies.
  12. Yes, we have contacted Primera LX900 again TODAY and walked through all possible settings, drivers, permissions. They say that the problem is with Affinity Designer, not anything to do with the printer. The printer works fine from any other program.
  13. HI Affinity. Here we are in October now, and not a word of help on this issue. Can anyone resolve?
  14. Hi Team at affinity! I am really looking for a solution to this problem. It's bee very tedious printing our daily production labels one at a time for 3 months. Please will you kindly advise ?
  15. Hi Chris, No that wouldn't save any time. We open and modify 30-50 files a day to print mutliple labels. They require changes to a production date every day. So no, making a new pdf for every label every day doesn't save time. Thanks for trying.
  16. HI Adam - I hope a solution is coming soon. It's been slow production printing one file at a time every day. Please advise a status update. Thank you!
  17. Hi, Thanks for the info. I don't know that I believe it's a printer/driver issue. No, there are no other printer driver settings. From Serif Drawplus, we print multiple copies every single day to the SAME LX900 printer. So really, it's pretty clear that it specifically relates to the Affinity product, from my point of view. I still use Drawplus side by side with Affinity every day as we're transitioning, and only Affinity won't print multiple copies. Please will you check more?
  18. Also, I have contacted the print manufacturer, Primera LX900. They had a similar problem with Corel Draw in this help article. Do you have a solution like this perhaps? http://kb.primera.com/article/21426/44678/lx-series-printer-prints-only-one-copy-of-a-multiple-copy-job-and-then-stops-when-printing-from-corel-draw-lx400800810900
  19. Hi Chris, Yes, please see file attached. Thanks for your help! BDAY 109.afdesign
  20. Has this issue been resolved in some way? I am trying to print on 3x4" label printer, and all portrait images work fine- landscape images print 90 degrees off no matter how the portrait/landscape or fit/scale are manipulated.
  21. Hi! Brand new to photo. Just loaded, and am attempting to "open" .jpg photo files. However, every image opens small with a large transparent checkered background instead of opening as a full sized image like the tutorial shows it should. When editing, the images, they become large (filling in the space), then snap back to small, and are highly scrambled. It just doesn't seem right! Is this a bug? Windows 10 is what I'm using. Thank you for your help!
  22. Thank you, I have changed to 125% and the issue is resolved.