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  1. Thank you JET. That was helpful. I share the same thoughts as Author on this one. It appears we can't set a shortcut to this. Also, this functionality isn't present for the brush tool. I'm sure you guys must hear this at nauseam but for those of us out here in the wild doing concept work and boards for commercial/film projects, we need to have this functionality. It's a matter of workflow efficiency, quality consistency, and rapid prototyping. Much of the work we'll do is with the brush tool so having the functionality that you pointed out in the pen tool BUT with the ability to bind a shortcut key to it would really complete your task in terms of developing for usability. It's one those "small" things that has a major impact on using Affinity vs. the other folks.
  2. Forgive me if I missed this. I didn't see it when I scoured over the thread. Are we getting improvements on the pen and brush tools that will allow us to draw constrained paths, eg shift-drag in direction, as opposed to the current shift-click a second point option? The former is a bit more useful in most situations and requires fewer steps to a result.
  3. So I've come to discover. I am hopeful the dev team addresses that quickly. For now I've resorted to copying layers to protect the original content and then using destructive filters which feels very awkward to me. Like stepping backwards into bad process land. Eeek. Alas, it works around the performance lag for now but hardly acceptable really. A CD or CS would cringe if they saw me working that way. (Hides under wacom tablet) By the way, if anyone has any pro tips on doing this better I would be humbly grateful for it.
  4. Tried that. Actually had no effect. I'd share the file but I can't. I thought outlining the steps would help with that. Here's what I did just discover. At least in my system, the live filter family of blurs may be a bit finnicky. When I turned them off or deleted them as I was running down each layer, it was these specifically that were the culprit. If I apply blurs from the filter menu then there's no issue but that's expected since those are destructive. Here's one that will make you scratch your head. If I deleted the live filter blurs and then add them again in the same manner they were present before, the performance seems ok. I have no explanation for that behavior since no other settings were changed. The blurs are are .5 to 1 pixel radius if used at all. Here's a snapshot of one of those layer setups for reference. **Edit - Performance lag returned after a couple minutes and adding couple more basic G blurs from the live filters. It think this may have to do with that section of the app. Not sure.
  5. I know there are other posts on this forum about this topic but they are hard to find due to poor titles, tags, and such. I also found none of the suggestions helpful nor effective. I'm about 20 layers in on a basic composite image and AP has become rather laggy. If I make changes to layers such as movements with the move tool or mask painting, it takes a couple seconds for things to redraw. At this point I'm kinda dead in the water. I thought perhaps there was something wonky with my file so I exported it to PSD and opened it up in the latest PS. It's super zippy and responsive there. This makes me really upset because I really want AP to be my go-to editing software. It's very user friendly and I like it better honestly. This performance stuff is a really big problem though. Can you please give us a definitive answer on what your plans are to resolve this? If I get some kind of vague answer I'm going to be really disappointed and probably have to move on. You guys have known about these issues for several months if not over a year. I think we are deserving of clear answers from your team given our support for you. File details: 1920x1080P document. (8) Rasterized image layers. (1) color fill layer. No layers bigger than 2k dimensions. Masking layers on most. Levels, HSL, and basic G-blur on some elements. Workstation: Intel Core i7-7700K CPU @ 4.2GHz. 64GB Ram. nVidia1080Ti 11GB video card. Latest drivers. Wacom Intuos Medium. Latest drivers. AP Performance Settings attached.
  6. +1000 for sure. For both Photo and Designer. This is an absolute must for workflow efficiency.
  7. Hi there. I keep getting the dreaded directX 10 error on load of AP. My workstation is confimed to be running DirectX 12 on an nVidia 1080ti card. Please advise.
  8. Are we getting this at some point? I totally just got bit in the arse on a project when I discovered this wasn't there. I know it sounds petty but it really is a major time drain not having it there.
  9. Great work and couldn't agree more! We're loving our Affinity products and the clients are quite pleased.
  10. Thank you. So I read that as we need to do some process conversions if we intend to share work here that is originally created in a Pro Photo workspace.
  11. Thought I'd revisit some shots I did with Liza. Developed and edited in AP 1.6.4. One thing I notice right off the bat is the colors are much less saturated once uploaded here than the same files appear in both AP and an external viewer locally. I suspect the ProPhoto color profile is not compatible with the site or browsers. Just a heads up.
  12. Former life as a professional photographer. This is merely a hobby for me now.
  13. ...and to think, I was just fussing around in Affinity Photo.
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