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  1. If I want to hide or show a layer and move the cursor over the respective checkbox, I sometimes seem to get too far to the right, into the area of the scrollbar. This is then faded in and covers the checkbox. When clicking on the intended checkbox the scrollbar is shown and suddenly the layer pannel scrolls to a wrong position. This disturbs the workflow a lot. Maybe a bit of spacing to the right side of the checkboxes might solve this simple issue. Thanks a lot.
  2. Hi MEB, thanks for your answer. I don't get it, what you mean by updating the percentage value. Can you please describe it to me so i will try it this way. Cheers
  3. HI, sorry for the incomplete question. I am using Affinity Photo. When i use the Resize Canvas dialog with the anchor matrix everything works fine in terms of the canvas size. What i would expect is that even the Guides will change their position based on the recalculation of the canvas. Let's say we have a horizontal guide at the y position of 10. Now we are increasing the document size times two from the center anchor. Result -> The guide is still at position 10. In terms of having a lot of guides there is also no possibility to select all of them and readjust. Or am i worng? Thanks.
  4. Hi there, is it possible to rearrange the guides (lines/Hilfslinien in german) based on the point of resizement, when changing the documents dimensions? Would be very helpful to add more size to the top. Cheers
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